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The Performing Arts, F&B and the Live Entertainment industries have been one of the worst hit as a result of the Pandemic writes Vidit Chitroda, Founder and CEO - Fall for Madness.


We can always cook a good meal at home, alcohol is as easily available for a binge night, movies on Netflix. So why did people like stepping out? From the movies on Friday nights to binge parties on Saturdays or Family lunches on a Sunday.

Consumers step out to “experience” the surreality.

What is the trade off between an IMAX experience vs watching a film on your Laptop Screens? Experiences are often about being immersive, engaging.

We step into a restaurant as we like being pampered, like it when food is served on a fine plate, food which is near perfect, curated by a Chef who, by the way, has spent years bettering his art.

When we attend a Concert the crowd is a part of the experience, the artist engages the crowd and vice versa.

The Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has ushered in what we now call “the new normal”.

At the beginning of the pandemic we thought this was a temporary phenomena, feared that these experiences are going to be history, only now have we come to accept the “new normal."

As humans we adapt and survive. We will find novel creative ways to relive those experiences, even if that means to do so in the confines of our homes.

Sitting in front of a mobile phone or a computer can only do so much. Ironically though, it is this same technology that has also been an enabler of sorts during the Pandemic.

A lot of entrepreneurs and creators have effectively used these technologies to bring you home experiences, be it DIY food kits or Gigs being live streamed or skilled workshops.

With absolutely zero human interaction to digital, somewhat virtual, how does one “engage” the consumer or make the experience a more immersive one?

At Madness, we identified that gap. If it was calling for food from our favourite restaurant, or listening to our favourite artist on Instagram or grabbing our favourite drink at home. There was a disconnect, lack of engagement. We were often distracted and not fully “immersed” in the experience.

What if you could interact with the artists, have the same cocktail that he/she was having, if you didn’t need to constantly be distracted with the notifications of the phone, or simply show off your new pair of sneakers or makeup. What is all of this was curated and literally brought to you on a plate?

Enter, Madness XP, engaging, immersive experiences.

All that you would step out for, now experienced at home. A curated cocktail - made just right, a gourmet meal, your favourite artist - streamed on the right platform - and with the right kind of production. We basically wanted to move beyond sitting in front of a laptop or a computer - that is what we left our houses for in the first place, right?

Fresh, indie & fun are at core of the brand Madness DNA. This extends to all our endeavours, be it content at Madness Picture Co., the music at Madness Jams and now Madness Xperiences. Even during our gigs at Madness Jams curating “engaging & immersive experiences” was always high on our priority.

Building on that vision and synergising all our group companies, we bring to you for our pilot gig, the uber cool indie rock band Faridkot, live to your screens at home - along with the XP Box, which includes binge worthy food, munchies, cocktail mixers, tonic, dessert, cup.. the works; from the best of best indie local brands.

By doing so what we will also achieve is mutually beneficial collaborations with local independent artists and business alike. Thereby helping one another sustain through these uncertain times.

The Performing Arts, F&B and the Live Entertainment industries have been one of the worst hit as a result of the Pandemic, as was also highlighted by the Red Alert campaign in the UK recently.

Here’s hoping we see through this pandemic together, and when we will be back & out again, we pledge, to bring to you the same curated Xperiences; that have been integral to brand Madness. Stay safe, stay merry and HAVE FUN!

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