MG Motor India Unveils New Campaign With AI-Generated Ads

‘Recreate the Magic’ campaign marks MG’s centenary year, with ads crafted by Studio Sorted


Morris Garages unveiled a new campaign, 'Recreate the Magic’, to mark its centenary year. The campaign melds elements of nostalgia and technology to revive the brand’s iconic ads and infuse them with a futuristic edge by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The ‘Recreate the Magic’ campaign reflects MG’s storied past and vibrant present, offering a glimpse into MG’s older models like the MGB, MG TC, and MG ZA Magnette. As part of the campaign, MG unveiled AI-generated customised ads crafted by Studio Sorted. 

AI has primarily authored these ads, but human adjustments are incorporated to maintain authenticity.

The campaign is both a tribute to the brand’s heritage and its commitment to innovation. Furthermore, the brand has expanded this initiative to encourage user-generated content, combining creativity and innovation in their campaign. Here, participants can reimagine MG’s classic ads using AI.

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