Levi’s Mannequins Bring An Experiential Flare To Popular Public Spots

As part of its seasonal campaign, ‘For Now, For A Lifetime’, Levi’s organised an experiential activation with its mannequins in hotspots across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore


Levi’s launched its new seasonal campaign ‘For Now, For A Lifetime’ that celebrated moments and experiences inspired by following your instincts. Levi’s extended this narrative by undertaking an on-ground experiential activation with its mannequins following their instincts around malls & in the hotspots across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The brand’s mannequins set off on their own impromptu adventures akin to the characters in the digital film. Right from playing video games, to watching a movie, grabbing vada pao, or catching the sunset.

These missing mannequins across popular public spots and malls in different cities created photo opportunities as passersby stopped to click pictures with these mannequins.

Levi’s managed to transform popular spots like Carter Road in Bandra and Connaught Place in New Delhi, across these key metros into ad spaces, as the brand also highlighted its latest product range. Each mannequin wore an outfit from the brand’s latest collection showcasing its range of denim fits, t-shirts & shirts and more.

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