Kiara Chettri’s heartfelt message for EEMA: Read here

Kiara recently performed at EEMAX Global Awards organised by EEMA.


I would like to start off by thanking EEMA for giving such a great opportunity to my friend, Akhil and I.

 I have performed on many stages but that night was something special because I performed for the EEMAX Global Awards in front of people and leaders who have watched singers all over the world which is a really big deal for me. Getting this kind of exposure at the age of 15 is really overwhelming and the audience was truly heartwarming. To be honest yes I was very nervous for the show and my nervousness mixed with excitement started kicking in like two weeks before the big night.

 I rehearsed every single day and wanted everything to be perfect. We had never performed for such a professional event. The moment I went up on the stage my heart was pounding and I just prayed that everything would go well. When I started singing the first song, everything felt so perfect and the nervousness just faded away. The audience was so supportive and excited, it made me so happy.

 I’ll always be grateful to EEMA for giving me this chance and believing in me and I would love to come back with a better and bigger act. 

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