Kestone manages launch of new Dell server using 3D projection Mapping

Dell EMC recently unveiled the 14th Generation of the Power Edge Server series for their end customers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. The launch happened through an experiential and engaging event that was conceptualized and managed by Kestone Integrated Marketing Services. The main purpose of the event was to attract CIOs to the event in all three cities and educate them on the benefits of the new generation servers in an engaging and interesting manner.


Dell wanted the entire experience of the event to be centered around the message of how the 14th Generation Power Edge Servers act as a bedrock to unlock the potential of a modern data center. To carry the same central idea to the audience in the form of an interesting story through various touchpoints of the launch, Kestone had to conceptualize the event from a CIO perspective. The most attractive feature of the launch was the use of 3D Projection Mapping to tell the story. The data center was represented in the form of a honey comb and the new server was shown at the heart of it. Therefore, Kestone carried the whole idea of how the new server by Dell acts like a key to unlock the potential of a modern data center.

Adding to this, the entry gate of the event was also designed like a tunnel leading to a laser gateway to provide the right level of intrigue and drama to the CIOs. The messaging from the registration desk to the entry arch and finally the backdrop built up the feeling  that the CIO is entering a data center. The event was well received by the CIOs and witnessed over 106 CIOs in Delhi, 105 in Mumbai and 65 in Bengaluru . Post the product launch, Kestone also took the conversation route between a famous cricketer and a well-known sports commentator to bring out the concept of core values, leadership and skills sets in a team and how a leader can play a role in creating an enduring core. In Bengaluru and Delhi the conversation took place between Gautam Bhimani, Cricket Commentator and Srinath and in Delhi it happened between Gautam Bhimani and Gautam Gambhir.


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