Kasauli Rhythm & Blues organizers recommend 6 music festival essentials

Genesis Foundation’s Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival at the undulating hills of Kasauli is just around the corner. While you would have begun packing your hip attires to make a style statement on the three-day trip, festival organizers suggest a few additions to your list so that you can enjoy your long weekend to the hilt and don’t come back feeling ‘wish we had known that earlier!’


Fitness Tracker

Coming strongly recommended from the mountain-lovers, early mornings are the best time to witness this mountain beauty, when you can tank up on all the fresh air that will keep you refreshed all day. Just like any other hill town, Kasauli too offers you a similar feel and to top it all, it has a few amazing jogging tracks as well. So, pack your joggers and prepare yourself for a refreshing run in the hills this weekend. While you are at it don’t forget to keep your fitness tracker—we wouldn’t want you missing on keeping track of your fitness goals. Recommended: Fitbit Alta


We know it’s the hills and the weather is pleasant, but the clear mountain air also means the sun is usually brighter. So, pack your Sunblock and an umbrella for that additional oomph! Most importantly, don’t forget to pack some serious shades! They won’t just protect your eyes but will also complete your look and “up” your style quotient with no extra effort. Be it a classic aviator or the upswept angles of the retro cat eye frame, it’s your style and we propose you carry it on this weekend to #KasauliRnB.

Fanny pack

A fanny pack or money belt is key for keeping your belongings on you without getting in the way. It will keep your hands-free and give you all the freedom to rhythm and wave to the beats of the energy at the festival.

Power Bank

Today’s tech-Image result for power bankdriven life has made us addicted to our cell phones and we dread the situation where the phone’s battery run out. Specially on occasions like music festivals, where you are clicking pictures and taking videos to capture memories of your favourite band performance. Or for that matter, listening to endless music on your road trip to the destination. A portable charger to revive your phone in any such situation will come as a blessing and will ensure you have an uninterrupted entertainment throughout the event. So, keep this essential phone accessory on top of your list.


You can't go to a music festival without your camera! The gadget that will document all the fun you had at the festival. If you're worried about your expensive digital camera and you're not a hotshot photographer anyway, get a good selfie/camera phone and it will cover up buying an expensive camera but will give you equally good pictures. And while you’re at it, a selfie stick won’t hurt either.


Give a woman the right shoes and she is ready to conquer the world. It goes without saying that you need different shoes for different occasions. We know that women are specific about their shoes, but you know what? When it comes to shoes, men too don’t shy away. So, tick mark on your dancing and running shoes for this trip as you will need these two pairs to hit the running track during the day and the flow with the musical beats by the evening!

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