Jaipuria Institute of Management organised its 9th Annual Management Conference on the theme 'India’s Love Affair with Luxury'

It is a premier conference organised by the students and faculty to promote the engagement and interactions among the dignitaries from all across the industry and academia.


Jaipuria Institute of Management had organised its 9th Annual Management Conference on the theme of ‘India’s Love Affair with Luxury’. It is a premier conference organised by the students and faculty to promote the engagement and interactions among the dignitaries from all across the industry and academia including International and Regional Organizations, Senior Government Officials, directly involved in policy making, Private Sector and Academia.

Distinguished Chief Guest for the occasion, Ms. Emilia Cartier, Attaché from Academic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation, French Embassy in India, Guest of Honor, Mr. Renaud Palliere, Senior Consultant, PVR Luxury Cinemas; Distinguished Panel members:Mr. RishabSoni-MD, SSIPL; Mr. Sahil Malik-MD, DA MILANO; Ms. RoasieVirq-MD, India Sotheby’s International Realty; Ms. Shivani Malik- Director, DA MILANO; Mr. Abhaya Gupta-Founder & CEO, Luxury Connect; Mr. Radeshwer Davar&Mr. TarunPuri (RBL); Mr. Abhijit Das-Delhi Duty Free, Ms. Ruchita Bansal, Izhaar; Our Chairman, Mr. Sharad Jaipuria, Director of the Institute, Dr. D.N. Pandey, Prof. B.D. Nathani, Chairperson of the Conclave were present to grace the event.

The event stared with welcoming of guests by Prof. B.D Nathani, Chairperson-JAMC, followed bywelcome address by Dr. D.N. Pandey, Director-JIM Noida and Inaugural speech by Chairman Mr. Sharad Jaipuria where he shared his views on Luxury Market in India and how this industry has seen immense growth in the recent years. Prof. B.D. Nathani very beautifully quoted ““Luxury is to have a job which you enjoy”.

Our Chief Guest, Ms. Emilia Cartier, Attaché from Academic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation, French Embassy in India mentioned that India and France have strategic relations and India is an emerging hub of new customers for luxury products. She also mentioned that foreign designers get amazed after witnessing the history, craftsmanship, manufacturing, and creativity of Indian Artists &the art is India is very unique. She also told about French Embassy and the various career options available in luxury market in India & France.

Key-Note address was delivered by Mr. Renaud Palliere, Senior Consultant, PVR Cinemas. He highlighted the combination of entertainment and luxury with respect to PVR cinemas which is a 21-year-old brand, carrying many different brands under its influence. He conveyed to the audience that luxury is the metamorphosis of Indian customers and luxury never sells itself. 

After his address, there was a special announcement made by Chairperson-JAMC Prof. B.D. Nathani, and that was “Launch of a Luxury Report 2020” authored by Dr Sheetal Jain. The book was launched by the Chief Guest Ms. Emilia Cartier, Guest of Honor Mr. Renaud Palliere, Chairman Mr. Sharad Jaipuria, VC Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, Director Dr. D.N. Pandey, Author Dr. Sheetal Jain along with Mr. Ketan Vyas, MD-Pro and Mr. Amit Chopra, Shoes & Accessories who were the sponsors.

Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman- Jaipuria Group, then gave Vote of Thanks to Our Chief Guest & Guest of Honor for coming to the conference and giving their valuable time to us. He also thanked the Panelists for coming. He also thanked The Sponsors PRO and SHOES & ACCESSORIES for being a wonderful support and helping in organising the conference.

Post High Tea the first panel discussion took place. The 1st Panel discussion was carried forward by:

1. Mr. Abhaya Gupta, MD, Luxury Connect Business School : Moderator

2. Ms. Shivani Malik, Director, Da-Milano

3. Mr. Renaud Palliere, CEO, PVR Luxury Cinemas

4. Mr. Tarun Puri, Vice President (Reliance Brand Limited), Hugo Boss & Michael Kors

One of the panelists stated that this affair depends on the strength of the image that brand has in the minds of customers and how strong the training department is in providing training to their employees to deliver excellent services to the customers.

During the end of the discussion, a question was raised regarding the cruelty-free fashion on which Ms. Shivani Malik from Da-Milano said that now brands are coming up with man-made leathers which are sustainable as well as fashionable. So, Big Luxury Brands are nowadays involved in lot of research to find out substitute of traditional leather.

The Panelists in the Round 2 were:

1. Mr. Rishab Soni, Managing Director, SSIPL

2. Mr. Sahil Malik, MD, Da-Milano

3. Ms. Roasie Virq, Director Marketing, India Sotheby’s International Realty

4. Mr. Radeshwer Davar, Vice-President-Business, Jimmy Choo & Bottega Veneta

5. Mr. Abhijit Das, Marketing Head, Delhi Duty Free Services

6. Ms. Ruchita Bansal, Creative Director and Founder, Izhaar.

5. Moderator- Dr. Sheetal Jain, Founder of Luxe Analytics & Professor

One of the panelists quoted “Start using luxury brands and you will never step back from using them”, thereby showing the power of the impact which luxury brands have on the minds of consumers.

One of the panelists also said that In the future, we are going to witness big brands collaborating with each other to create unique, comprehensive and amazing experiences for the customers.

In the end, the panellists emphasized on 1 point i.e. sustainability, as we are facing lot of issues related to environment , So in the near future, Luxury will no longer be in having branded clothes or expensive watches but rather in Having A Pure Air to breathe in and Pure Water to drink.

So they all suggested the audience and everybody to be little more cautious about the environment, there is no harm in enjoying luxury and purchasing products but not unnecessarily, So, they urged upon the fact that “Be sensible and intelligent buyers and consumers of the products rather than being mad shoppers.”

The panel discussion was really fruitful for the students and the guests.

The conference ended with the felicitation of the panellists for bringing out the best for the audience. It was such an enriching experience.

Prof. Nathani gave Vote of Thanks to our Esteemed Guest of Honor, Chief Guest, Panelists and Guests for taking up time from their busy schedule and coming to this conference.

After such amazing discussion everybody enjoyed delicious lunch.

The conclave was well co-ordinated by Ms. Divyani Misra and Student Coordinators.

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