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Many would agree that the future of great brand experiences lies in innovative digital integration. Brands are increasingly looking beyond the audience in attendance and are trying to amplify the experience across various digital platforms. Here’s our pick of some truly engaging brand experiences that rode the digital wave with flair.


Kokuyo Camlin reinvents the Digital Rakhi for Smartphone Users

Brief- Camlin, the stationary brand, wanted to help brothers and sisters celebrate the tradition of RakshaBandhan through its Camlin Experience App. The idea behind the campaign was to integrate the brand and its presence into the lives of siblings who could not be together on this auspicious day.

Agency-Big I Tuna

Tying rakhis has been one of the most common traditions among children during Rakshabandhan. The Camlin Rakhi Maker was conceptualized to bring alive this tradition virtually. It explored a new dimension of scripting by enabling users to create designs with Camlin products that will be reflected in multiple sides to create a Kaleidoscopic effect. The addictive nature of the Rakhi Maker resulted in hundreds of virtual rakhis being created and shared on the occasion of RakshaBandhan.

The Mumbai based digital agency created and incorporated the ‘Rakhi Maker’ feature to the Camlin app, which lets users create artistic digital rakhis and share them virtually. Using a select set of powerful tools in the Rakhi Maker, anyone can create a stunning Rakhi design within minutes. Beyond designing personalized rakhis, they can tag and share the Rakhi with a loved one on Facebook within the app, or download it and share via email.

To help users create an endless number of intricate designs in a flash, the Rakhi Maker also enabled a kaledioscopic effect that reflected every drawing action in 20 sides. Users could choose from any of the art mediums and colours, and also alter the number of side reflections.

Key Success Indicator – 1.5 lac users engaged with the ‘Rakhi Maker’ app during RakshaBandhan


ASUS Sand art revisiting history of India

Brief- ASUS India wanted to make an announcement about its local manufacturing plant in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh though a digital campaign that celebrated the glorious history of India.

Agency-BC Web Wise

There’s a lot that makes India incredible, and there are some incredible feats that are ‘Made in India.’ To celebrate this fact ASUS India unveiled a sand art video titled ‘Incredible Made in India’ on its Facebook page that revisited the historic feats that have distinguished the nation in the global arena.

The sand art video showcased several historic inventions by Indians and institutions right from the invention of Zero, or building the world’s largest railway network, to the most economical Mars mission, and even Sachin’s 100 centuries in ODI cricket. It closes by adjoining ASUS India’s announcement to manufacture the Zenfone range in India.

Conceptualized & created by digital agency BC Web Wise, the video went on to reveal that the high-end ASUS Zenfones will now be ‘Made in India’.

Inspired by the brand’s tagline ‘In Search of Incredible,’ the core idea behind the video was to sensitize audiences and instill a sense of pride in all things ‘Incredible Made in India’.

The use of sand art was done to creatively emphasize the ‘incredible’ nature of India’s accomplishments through history while projecting its readiness as a manufacturing hub.

Key Success Indicator - The ‘Incredible Made in India’ video has garnered more than 176,000 likes on ASUS India’s Facebook page with 20,32,824 Impressions and 67 Million estimated Impressions on twitter.

NBA Click to Calendar campaign

Brief-NBA has a huge fan base in India and is telecasted on Sony SIX channel. However, since the sport is not on standard time in India and is aired as early as 4.30 AM in the morning, most of its fans miss the game. The channel wanted to roll out a digital campaign which could tackle Sports not on standard time problem and also increase the TRP of early morning games.


The agency came up with the idea of running banner ads on targeted websites which enabled the best ROI on campaign. Any user who scrolled the website on his mobile could see the ad banner on their mobile phones. Upon clicking the ad banner an automatic reminder at the timings of the game would then be set on the mobile phones of the user.

Thus, reminding them about their favorite NBA game being aired on the channel at that time. The campaign was run during a period of 3 months. The campaign not only helped making NBA more popular in the country but brought the desired spike in the TRP’s of the channel.

Key Success Indicator - 2,1396,949 impressions on mobile, 189556 reminders set and 70 % increase in TRP during the campaign for the channel.


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