Indian Weddings Trends To Watch Out For This Season

As wedding celebrations are getting bigger and more sumptuous, there is also a conscious trend toward sustainable wedding


Indian Weddings are all about grandeur, from picturesque decor to culture-rich activities full of fun and festivity. Wedding celebrations are getting bigger than ever in India, with unique trends emerging through every wedding season. This year, Indian weddings have regained their glory of colourful extravagance but with a more thoughtful approach. Lavish locations, new-age florals, exotic feasts, and fun define the trends of this wedding season. Here are some Indian wedding trends elaborated on by Wedding Experts that are expected to rule this wedding season.

  1. Destination weddings

The trend of destination weddings has become quite popular among millennial couples. A once-in-a-lifetime occasion- the wedding is a memorable event, especially in India, that deserves to be hosted in destinations that match the colossal vision, scale, rich culture, and sentiments of the celebrations. Timeless Weddings take place at regal destinations that embody the enduring legacy of heritage, and celebrations hosted here emanate lasting memories. “India is blessed with some of the most exotic and mesmerizing locations that can further adorn the momentous occasion with delight and incredible magnificence. Palaces and hotel weddings are gaining all attraction among celebrities and common people alike. This trend will position India on the global map as it encourages wedding tourism in the country”, comments Prerana Agarwal Saxena, Founder and CEO of Theme Weavers Designs, one of the leading Wedding Planners in India. 

  1. Trend of sustainability

As wedding celebrations are getting bigger and more sumptuous, there is also a conscious trend toward sustainable weddings. Prerna adds, “The main aim of sustainable weddings is to curb the carbon footprint and have a ‘green wedding’. Couples are focusing more on a celebration that seeks to minimize the event's environmental impact. This can be achieved by consciously choosing eco-friendly options and getting added biodegradable or recyclable elements to your decor.”  Wedding ideas abound these days, with greener options for food, invites, and other services. Sarita Bazaz, Founder of The Food Affairs suggests, “Locally sourced ingredients should be the foundation of a sustainable meal. Also, a sustainable wedding shall use reusable cutlery and certainly avoid any plastic and Styrofoam. Making these small changes to your day can have a big impact on your surroundings.”

  1. Outdoor weddings

In recent times, weddings have widely become more personalised, decor-rich, and themed affairs. Although millennial couples have experimented with different wedding themes in the past, they are now opting to go outdoors. Rajat Taneja, Founder of Live Events and Entertainment, The Leading Events Planning Brand, says, “Nature is a great inspiration for decor in outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings allow for swanky lighting ideas that effortlessly add a romantic and dreamy touch to any setting. From whimsical fairytale-like string lights and illuminated installations to dramatically lit entryways, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and periphery tree lighting, it can set the mood for your wedding day. Using them will ensure that your wedding stage truly sparkles and brings your celebrations to life.”

  1. Storytelling through Food

With Indian weddings resurging into big fat events, the culinary experiences at wedding counters are also rapidly changing. Sarita Bazaz expresses, “The food served at Indian weddings gains paramount significance and is perceived as a sign of great hospitality and culture. The food menu plays a big role in setting the overall vibe of your wedding celebration, and more and more people are yearning for unusual dishes and special options. Wedding guests also prefer healthy choices even for parties which include options like organic rose drinks or pomegranate paneer salad.” A great way to personalise your wedding is to have concepts with special significance to your love stories, special memories, or your favourite dishes. Sarita adds, “At destination weddings, you might add a local touch to the overall food menu. Traditional snack items like Khasta Kachories or Kanji vada can give an Indian flavour to International destination weddings. Not only does it add a personal touch to your celebration, but also creates a lasting impression on your guests.”

  1. Fashion of Ombre tones and Pearl embellishments

The effortless grace of Ombre tones has been riding the wave of popularity in Indian Weddings and occupies everything from sarees and lehengas to decor, table settings, props, and more. Rajat Taneja comments, “The classic allure of pearls is drawing in brides not only in jewellery but also as embellishments on bridal gowns, sarees, and lehengas. Brides these days skip out on the usual sequins for precious pearl artistry on the bridal wear for a novel look and opt for pearl embroidery on sarees to dip their toe or go all out with all-over work on a wedding gown or evening bridal lehenga.”

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and it is fun to discover new trends every wedding season. These are some of the trends that are expected by the experts to rule this wedding season and that take Indian weddings to a different level.  

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