India Art Fair: Apple CEO Praises Indian Digital Artists For Their Creativity

For the India Art Fair Digital Artists in Residence program, Apple collaborated with three Indian digital artists


Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently praised three Indian artists whose works were on exhibition at the India Art Fair.

A unique section of the 14th India Art Fair, which took place at the NSIC Exhibitions Ground in Delhi, has been devoted to three digital artists. These artists, Gaurav Ogale, Varun Desai, and Mira Felicia Malhotra, were chosen to take part in the "Digital Artists in Residence" program and were given the most recent iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Magic Keyboard to create their artwork.

Cook recently acknowledged the skill of these three Indian artists on Twitter. He tweeted that the first India Art Fair Digital Artists in Residence program demonstrates how technology can unleash creativity. He added that it was wonderful to see how the iPad Pro was enabling the artists Mira, Varun, and Gaurav to express themselves so creatively.

Varun Desai, who is an electronic artist, developed a digital work titled "Dimorphism" that combines code-generated video art, 3D LiDAR scanning, hand-drawn animation, and sound synthesis in keeping with the theme of the 2023 India Art Fair, "finding the extraordinary in ordinary."

Mira Felicia Malhotra's digital work, "Log Kya Kahenge," is more reflective since it features two layers of a collection of Indian family pictures to signify the stresses of society’s standards and the necessity to adhere to them.

Gaurav Ogale, a multimedia storyteller, titled his work "Best Sellers," providing a fresh interpretation of what it means to read a book that has made the bestseller list.

The three digital artists will also provide seminars as part of the India Art Fair's Today at Apple program. The goal of these seminars is to provide customers of Apple products with useful advice on how to develop their creativity and make the most of their technology.

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