Importance of empathy and communication during these trying times: Dharika Merchant

Digital is the new mainline, and connecting digitally with employees and business partners is essential for long-term, sustainable growth writes Dharika Merchant, COO, WORD and Alchemy Group.


Mankind these days is struggling with the dreadfulness of Covid-19, that is impacting lives across the globe. The unfortunate casualties have forced national lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing to be the norms of civil society. Businesses, trade, and commerce are no exception to the slump and down-turn brought by this ghastly pandemic. With immense ambiguity about the future, business-owners are re-fabricating their models to sail through this storm. An empathetic attitude and effective communication with employees and business partners during these challenging times can significantly help in sustaining an uncertain financial environment.

1. Humane Approach of Influencer Marketers

The pandemic has shifted the focus and strategies of marketing influencers to confiscate significant marketing prospects. However, the best of the business plans of the influence marketers cannot be achieved without the persistent support of their workforce. The soft strategies that can be followed are –

● Lending an empathetic ear - The employees, who are the most critical resource of any business, are facing the perplexity of job insecurity and health perils. Businesses need to empathize with their concerns and assure them of job security. The influencer marketing strategy of every business should be based on keeping in mind the situation of their employees as well as their audience.

● Effective communication is the key to sustainability - The leadership or management must take on the responsibility of keeping transparent communication with employees and business partners to make them feel connected. Video-conferencing and live-chats can significantly help in giving them a sense of security and close association with the company.

● Employee engagement and motivation – Engaging the employees in new policy-making and motivating them to propose or initiate innovative advertising and marketing strategies will help uplift their frame of mind.

2. Work from home

The present lockdown and social distancing rules have constrained people to their homes, and working remotely has now become an integral part of work culture. The relentless support of office administration will help them in delivering quality work within the stipulated deadlines. The strengthening of family bonds and increasing leisure time to pursue hobbies will further enhance work productivity. It is necessary to stay home and opt for digital platforms (Skype, Zoom, Gmail etc.) for communication.

3. Spreading positivity for upcoming future:

The present global health crisis calls for a calm and positive outlook of all the human workforce, that relaxes their mind and paves way for productive contribution.

It is imperative that businesses truly understand and value the anxiety and apprehensions of people who are closely associated with day-to-day activities. Digital is the new mainline, and connecting digitally with employees and business partners is essential for long-term, sustainable growth.

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