Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on artists in live events: Nanni Singh

An artist needs to understand his or her own strength and work on making it beneficial for themselves writes Nanni Singh, Chief Executive, Showcase Events


Covid 19, or Corona virus as we all call it, has come as not only a rude shock for all but also an eye opener. How, in just a few moments, the entire human activity, life and the world have come to a complete halt.

Every industry, every human being, doing big or small work, belonging to any financial strata of society, has been immensely impacted, albeit to varying degrees. There seems to be no rainbow on the horizon either.

Those in the space of Live events, either as executors or performers, will need to re-think and re-plan their path forward. Given the current scenario, any activity involving human gatherings will definitely be a no-no in the coming months.

So how will everyone cope ??

One can either mope about it and go into depression, OR THEN.. find solutions that work in this “new normal” and carve a new path forward. Experiment and learn, try out newer possibilities and explore newer avenues.

Hard to say who is the worst off, the performer or the event executor, as they both sort of complement each other.

The artists are, for sure, going through a very hard time, as its Live performances that often keep their finances flowing. With all live events being cancelled, social media is abound with digital concerts. Several artists are performing for their fans virtually, bringing their bedrooms on the screen. Whilst some are relief efforts, and others are meant to uplift one’s mood, the unfortunate outcome of this effort is a barrage of online content available entirely free of cost. With free access available to even a whole concert series, how does one rebuild user behaviour to pay for this art? How will the industry monetize online performances when consumers are spoilt for choice.….so one big mistake already made.

The impact of this lockdown on artists is huge, to the extent that several are considering moving away from music and searching for other ways to rebuild their livelihood, but then there are many that have never known anything other than music.

The artists need to find ways to make their lives atleast partially sustainable. Re-discover their own skills and improvise their music to be compatible within the given spaces, but NOT free.

To hold online sessions and classes and have, maybe, a minimal charge for them.

Give importance to their own networking and stay connected with their fan and client base, in the case of the bigger artists, and with their audiences that love their music, for all artists.

Make use of social and digital media platforms for their own advantage and hold interactive sessions.

There are many that are not tech savvy or are language shy, their smart phones need to be used better, for their own good. Join groups and communities of artists, where there is government support and support from some other bodies coming in to help them survive.

An artist needs to understand his or her own strength and work on making it beneficial for themselves.

The artist community needs to be respected for they are the ones who, through their creative talent, make an event worthwhile for the corporate and the audience.

Sincere advice to every artist, at this point of time, given the uncertain scenario… Make use of this period to enhance your own branding and creativity. Please find ways to monetize your talent. Keep a charge for your time and music, even if it is very small.

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