If you are passionate about your vision, the path certainly clears out:Nanni Singh

As an events professional, an industry strongly dominated by men, I initially felt it would be an uphill task to penetrate and make a space for ourselves writes Nanni Singh, Founder & Chief Executive, ShowCase Events.


As a young girl in Ambala, I grew up listening to music at home, as my mother was extremely fond of it.  In my early years, I too developed a fondness for music, especially classical and fusion.  At the age of 10, I was put under the tutelage of a guru, where I began my journey of learning Hindustani classical vocal.  At 14, I started learning the sitar and was fortunate enough to represent my college in different competitions. 

These formative years, filled with music, were a joy ride!  

I got married young at 21 and was soon blessed with a daughter.  Life was good.  My path, however, was destined to change.  The birth of my second born got me involved with Thalassemics India, as he was born with Thalassemia Major.  Since 1996, I have been a part of all activities for care and control of Thalassemia in India.  

When things settled down a bit, I chose my next path which was to join Genesis Foundation in 2008 as the Head of Events.  I shared my time with both NGOs putting together conferences and conventions and fundraiser events to support critically ill under privileged children.  I started with creating, curating, co-coordinating and executing music and other events, small and big, but purely with a mission to raise funds.  

This gave me an opportunity to follow my passion and alongside bring a smile in someone’s life.

 I feel music creates positive and happy vibes and is a happy meeting ground for both the musicians and the audience.  

While creating events for the Foundation and Thalassemics India I met a lot of amazing musicians and felt that independent and traditional music needed a serious voice and representation.

My dream of being an entrepreneur and running my own business led to the formation of my company Showcase Events in 2018. I was fortunate to have a creative and an equally passionate team to support my vision. With a pan-India reach, we are able to do Corporate and Music events, large and small, with a lot of creativity, passion and a personal touch. 

Our first IP on pure Folk Music, a complete folk production- Sounds From The Desert has been very well received by audiences of all age groups and music critics and journalists. This musical showcases 19 artists from the legendary families of Rajasthan who, in a completely curated set, present the different sounds of Rajasthan-LIVE. We are now working on collaborative sets with other Legendary musicians to create more SOUNDS properties from other states. 

A lot of good music and a new genre is waiting to be launched, and as ShowCase events we took it upon ourselves to do this. To move beyond the popular bollywood music and to recognize and bring forward very talented, but not known musicians. Raw talent, which we discovered while working on the SOUNDS production, amazed my co-curator Atul and me. This convinced me that I had to work harder to ensure the purity of Folk sounds received the right visibility. 

Hardest task has been to get corporates or promoters to believe in the power of folk music and to support it. Thankfully, with our consistent efforts, and impressive endorsements, we have now started to see an interest in this genre and production.

As an Events professional, an industry strongly dominated by men, I initially felt it would be an uphill task to penetrate and make a space for ourselves. But slowly and steadily, we progressed from one strength to another and with complete support from other event professionals too. 

Its all about Respecting each other and whatever one excels in. 

Collaborate and grow. This has been our motto from the very start and is helping us make our presence in the industry.  

No journey is easy .. but if you are passionate about your vision, the path certainly clears out.

In my spare time you will find me either practicing my music or playing golf.

 I love my Sunday crosswords and the daily Sudoku’s.

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