I See India As A Wedding Economy

The notion of the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ will always define weddings in India, writes, Prerana Agarwal


The weddings Industry is one of the most important and celebrated industries in our country. The notion of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ will always define weddings in India. While we are all familiar with how weddings happen in our mega-diverse country, showcasing and taking inspiration from different cultures/states, weaving themes with a splash of colours/elements and stitching together the Indian wide-spread culture, it aches my heart to see that India is still not considered as one of the top wedding destinations in the world.  Even though, the term ‘big fat Indian weddings’ are well known across the globe- showing luxury and glamourous traditions of our country- the phenomenon still lacks the worth it deserves! Sitting at a market valuation of 50 billion dollars, Indian wedding market has the potential to grow multi folds and generate revenue for our country. 

Have you ever thought that wedding planners are the nexus of the web of our economy? Not only do we help in generating income for hotels, artists, fashion designers, jewellers, caterers etc., but we also generate income for daily wage workers of society.  Behind every beautifully designed wedding is the skill set of many Kaarigars/local artisans who derive their livelihoods from working at these event sites. Weddings was the only industry which sustained even in COVID- where the gatherings got more intimate, the grandeur stayed. Hotspots like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer having royal and heritage palaces/forts in Rajasthan, Surreal beaches of Goa, and Backwaters in Kerala are some of the few destinations of our country which are absolutely stunning and the experience is not be to missed! 

Because of a low entry barrier, we are seeing an influx of a lot new talent who feel that wedding planning is easy. The future of our industry needs a more organised and structured approach, as it is only going to grow. Being the most creative and gratifying industry, the space is becoming larger than life and some protocols are definitely the need of the hour. India is an evolving society, we’ve witnessed growth in all sectors and putting processes in the design and planning scope is the best way forward for our industry. 

I think it’s about time that our industry is seen as a more serious and contributing business as we not only curate experiences for couples and families, we help boost our economy in several ways. It sometimes makes me think hard that even after doing so much business with stitching every factor together, why is India not considered as an ideal wedding destination? Maybe we are not making efforts in the right direction. Scratching the walls never gets you the gold! You need to dig deeper. We need to think about creating awareness about India as a wedding destination and bring back all the business which goes out of India. Very simple words but will remain relevant for the times to come- you need to be the change you desire to see! I feel there is so much left to do for our country and we are still not thinking. Our country will be a wedding economy and the world’s top wedding destination- all we need is the focus on getting weddings to India! 

Prerana Agarwal Saxena is the CEO and Founder of the Theme Weavers Designs

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