Hyundai Ups Its Experiential Marketing Focus In 2024

The maker of auto brands such as Hyundai Creta and Verna says that not only will it set “unprecedented benchmarks” but that these will also “redefine auto marketing in India”


Experiential will play a more intrinsic role than usual in the marketing game plan for Hyundai Motor India. A significant part of the auto major’s marketing spend in 2024 will be utilised for new launches. While Hyundai has already made a splash for Hyundai Creta, it is understood that more launches are in the pipeline including the Hyundai Alcazar 2024, Hyundai Kona Electric 2024, Hyundai Tucson 2024, Hyundai Palisade, Hyundai Santa Fe 2025 and Hyundai IONIQ 6.

In this ongoing series showcasing how auto companies are refining their experiential marketing strategies for 2024, Everything Experiential catches up with Hyundai Motor India’s AVP & Vertical Head of Marketing, Virat Khullar.

Indicating that the company has earmarked 10 to 15 per cent of its overall budget towards experiential marketing, Khullar says, “For the year 2024, we are geared up to set the benchmark higher than before with every coming product launch event and these initiatives not only elevate the likelihood of purchase but also redefine automotive marketing, fostering enduring brand loyalty.”

Hyundai is sharpening its attention on Gen Z customers with a “commitment to staying at the forefront of disruption”. “Our commitment is reflected in our innovative endeavours. The unique initiatives have brought us category-leading engagements and positive sentiment and are a step towards making the brand more Gen Z-focused and connected,” Khullar adds.

Hyundai’s Experiential Initiatives

With the recent unveiling of the revamped Hyundai Creta, the brand employed an immersive ‘cinematic theme’ launch event using projection mapping technology.

“To give the unique Creta experience, we introduced India’s First ever 4D Billboard. This groundbreaking initiative showcases micro 4D Creta movies seamlessly integrating sensory elements such as mist, snow, fragrance, breeze and smoke set against diverse terrains like riverbeds, snow-clad valleys and forest camps,” shares Khullar.

He highlights some of Hyundai’s initiatives underlining the shift to EV-driven products and future-oriented experiences. Beyond traditional test drives, the brand’s approach in the past consists of a 3D OOH installation to promote Hyundai Venue and a Lego installation with more than 3,00,000 Lego bricks to form a life-size Hyundai Exter OOH among more such endeavours.

Khullar notes, “This is a testament to our strategic approach in engaging both existing and potential customers. Hyundai is dedicated to shaping these experiences into moments of unparalleled connection with our customers while also reaching technological brilliance.”

Leveraging Experiential Marketing

The AVP emphasises that Hyundai recognises the significant investment in automobiles and the pivotal role of brand appeal in consumer decision-making.

He asserts, “Hyundai Motor India (HMI) strategically leverages experiential marketing to cultivate lasting connections. Our commitment to creating immersive experiences is exemplified by ground-breaking initiatives like the unveiling of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the all-electric SUV through a projection mapping show (wherein projectors were run on V2L - vehicle to load feature of the car) at the iconic Gateway of India and our transformative showcase at Auto Expo 2023 including crowd engagement activity using SPOT and showcasing ground-breaking technology of Hydrogen cell and various other Innovative technology like H-mex and Mobed.”

Automotive brands like Hyundai continue to recognise the value of experiential marketing and excel in employing the strategy effectively to create undisputable consumer experiences and as a result, enhance brand loyalty.  

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