How to Identify the Right Talent for Your Event?


Looking for the right talent is like searching for grain of sand on the beach. Unveiling and identifying the right kind of talent is pivotal. In today’s world, priorities of the event management industry is changing therefore, to achieve success within an event, the need to recruit the right kind of people for specific jobs and meeting the necessities of clients is very much essential. On the other hand the performers or the staffing crew also face a lot of challenges. This process of acquiring and providing the right kind of talent is of supreme importance to any establishment and requires endurance, effort and professionalism from both the employer's and the employees end.

“Talent is not often a benchmarked entity or a scaled evaluation. An event might be a corporate affair where you would need self-propelled quick thinkers and at times more amiable and familiar traits in an individual for social platform. Thus, our approach has been to realize the inherent traits of the individual and then pair those traits with the relevant industry experience. But, at times when you have to outsource talent it becomes quite a daunting task to keep waiting for the real material to reflect. This issue gets mirrored even more when we are looking at talent to carry out experiential marketing campaigns,” said Mr. Siddhartha Chaturvedi, CEO of Eventcrafter. “It’s all about believing and instilling the ownership of responsibility in every performer. We aide processes to extract the best out of an individual. The quantum of difference in value deliverance that we achieve through our simple approach works out the best for us.

To ensure successful talent sourcing and to achieve best output from the performers’ a strategic path during each step of the talent sourcing process needs to be followed. Further providing a better performing environment for the artiste and crew is also vital.

Commenting on the same lines Mr. Siddharth Sharma; Music Producer, Stereo Buddha said “The music scene if detached from Bollywood is still at a premature stage, I personally enjoy playing music festivals the most because of the atmosphere and the crowd, Although I do feel that the event organizers need to be much more professional in their work ethic in terms of unbiased programming of an event and also not taking artists, bands, musicians and the crew for granted. It is a form of entertainment, but for professionals it’s an industry and their livelihood.”

Another hurdle in the proceedings is capital along with the requirement of an ace. Hiring the right people is just not enough; it requires focus on time and money as well.  “All our clients always want top of the line,” says Mr. Omer Haider, Director at Showhouse Event Management Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India “Budget plays a very crucial part. As per the requirements, say for some activation I would bring a promoter who charges on a higher end, but because the budget is too low we let go the event. There is a need to understand the market plan; that we need to function according to the structure of the exact cost and management fee and if the requirements are not met; it breaks the event”

A much needed transformation can be brought in by focusing on the cost and  end-to-end talent management in order to establish the right kind of culture for the event management industry.

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