How can quarantine be taken as Opportunity: Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Executive President, Birla Textile Mills, Sutlej Textiles & Industries Limited

It is time to sharpen our axe and an opportunity, we have as a second chance to shape ourselves writes Dr Gupta.


Quarantine is the most heard word in the last 15 days. All TV Channels, Newspapers, Social Media and Radio stations are talking about its importance. 

Yes, we have no option, but to quarantine ourselves in order to stop the spread of worldwide crisis called “CORONA”. Let me not give you information on Corona. NO MORE GYAN. 

Let’s understand what quarantine is all about. It means isolation, confinement, limiting your movement and meeting minimum people or no one. 

We are social animals and we love to be with people. We have always been surrounded by people – willingly or not willingly. Now we are used to it. Even on HOLIDAY, we go out for eating or site seeing, with or among people. 

We have never been taught this new requirement called “QUARANTINE”, but that’s the reality of today. Entire world is doing it and we have to do it too. 

We have two options – feel pathetic about this condition and crib about everything around us, or use this time productively and convert this into an opportunity.  

If we decide to convert this to an opportunity, then we see that for professional career, it is not necessarily a bad thing. We won’t always be quarantined. Eventually, we’re going to come out of it and go back to our previous lives as normal. Start living as we did before. Few things that we should start doing these days are 


Meditation not only gives your brain a much-needed break, but it helps relieve stress and anxiety – both of which negatively affect our ability to innovate. Meditation promotes emotional well-being, enhances self-awareness and improves attention span.

Be creative

Being creative is very important for being effective in today’s competitive world. This might be an opportunity to start letting your creative juices flow.

Learn new things (or re-start old ones)

During the quarantine, take the opportunity to learn new things, or start doing those things that you previously did but your busy work schedule did not permit you to continue.  Such as:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Reading,
  • Online courses – Technical or Management skills
  • Pursuing a hobby – Dancing, singing, painting etc 
  • Learn an indoor sport – chess, carrom etc. 


This is a time to touch-base and grow closer with all those who you wanted to talk to but could not - your family, friends, professional colleagues. Do some activities inside the house as a family to create stronger bonds and relationships. 

Its time to sharpen our axe. Its time to learn, unlearn and relearn. Its an opportunity, we have as a second chance to shape ourselves. Let us use it wisely. 

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