Honk Pullman, Aerocity: South Asia To Japanese & Chinese Everything Is On One Table

Visitors loved the diversity and the right ingredients in the dishes


From Singaporean soy sauce, and sushi to Peking Duck and with the embracing authenticity and culinary rafts from across Asia visitors loved everything in the Honk Pullman, Aerocity. 

One of Honk’s most impressive feats is that its culinary artists have extensively studied and travelled in pursuit of native rice variants across the region. More so, they also use traditional cooking techniques to create an even more immersive dining experience. The rice that Honk acquires is cooked using hot stone, clay pots and bamboo leaves, each being a traditional and unique cooking style. This allows us to retain the authenticity of its respective region in terms of taste and craft.

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Street-style food is popular across Asia, and we take inspiration from that. Our presentation and decor embrace the same emotion. All in all, their menu is a delicate curation of all things South-East Asian, showcasing culinary influences from various regions. With Chinese and Japanese being their forte, they’re no slouch when it comes to Thai, Singaporean or Indonesian too.

We asked Executive Sous Chef, Rajiv Sinha for dishes from Honk’s menu that one can’t skip over (at any cost). He suggested diving right into Sushi park with the Salmon Jalapeno Sushi and Classic California Roll. Both stunning in their own ways and promise a burst of flavour. There’s also the Spicy Avocado Dragon for vegetarians, which is packed with pickled cucumber, sweet chilli and spicy mayo.

We also went in for the Pao Jiao Prawns which came sprinkled with Chinese pickle chillies and the Mt. Fuji, which was a cool mix of lobster tempura and cucumber. I’d definitely recommend trying out the Cantonese Honey Barbeque Pork but if you’re looking for a vegetarian option, there’s the Spicy Baby Corn with Carrot and Beans Dumpling for you.

The Peking Duck was an absolute winner for me. This traditional Beijing barbeque dish straight out of their clay oven comes with a lovely play of garlic paste, hoisin sauce, green onion and cucumber. It’s a culinary ticket to the streets of Beijing, China.

And of course, with all this Asian finesse, it’d only be fair for me to sip on a Japanese Highball. It may seem like a simple mix, but perfecting it tricky. It’s a true art form that blends in whiskey, fresh lemon juice, honey, and matcha tea power. On the other hand, there’s also an interesting option called the Thai Green Cocktail which promises a burst of greens and freshness. It’s based on vodka, lemongrass stem, coriander, cilantro leaves and lemon juice. Reading this itself is refreshing.

Especially visitors loved the emphasis on procuring the right ingredients in their dishes and drinks. The Soy Sauce from Singapore or the Low Fat Tuna like Maguro from Japan can be a good examples of it. 

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