Here Comes The Bride: A Paradigm Shift & Evolution of Vows

Ekta Shah, Founder Of House Of Eekkta & Here Comes The Bride writes on encouraging women to embark on empowered journeys within their marriages


Since the beginning of time, culture and society have played significant roles in defining marriages and relationships, along with humans' inherent need for solace in close, intimate connections. While marriages originated from the concept of a "lifelong commitment," the passage of time has reshaped this age-old notion.

This encompasses the timeless and traditional union between a man and a woman, or in the context of the modern world, a more fluid and inclusive gender perspective. However, entrenched within this union have been distinct roles and power dynamics that deviate from the essence of uniting under the banners of "love" and "commitment."

In the distant echoes of time, weddings were more than ceremonies; they were the joining of souls, the fusion of families, and the promise of companionship. These unions, rooted in rituals transcending cultures, held the essence of continuity, binding legacies, and the dawn of lineage.

Within this, history, diverse cultures and societies worldwide have exemplified the prevalence of male dominance in this dynamic. However, when observed closely, one realizes that this in fact is a deep conditioning that was long due for change.

From eras past to the present day, marriages have evolved drastically and so has the idea of a "wedding". There is no denying that empowered women are at the centre stage of this remarkable metamorphosis.

A Paradigm Shift & Evolution of Vows

With the flourishing of societies, weddings have evolved to reflect their significance. Customs have intertwined with cultural and religious beliefs, creating a ripple effect in rituals and ceremonies. These celebrations have become more than unions; they have transformed into communal celebrations involving families, tribes, and kingdoms. The ornate ceremonies mirror the societal ethos of their epochs, embodying values of lineage, property, and status.

In the modern world, weddings have embarked on a new trajectory, breaking away from these traditional roots and transcending mere ceremonies. Today, weddings are not confined to rigid norms; they have blossomed into reflections of individuality, dreams, and shared aspirations. They provide a canvas for couples to paint their unique love stories, bridging tradition and personal identity.

Empowering Young Women - A Continuum of Transformation

While partners play equally important roles in a marriage, an empowered woman serves as the foundation for sustaining a healthy environment for themselves, their relationships, and their families. We are all witness to how, throughout history, women have shattered molds, redefined roles, and charted unique paths. Their stories go beyond bridal identities; they've embraced education, self-expression, and careers. Their influence extends beyond households, igniting transformative radiance that encompasses communities and societies.

This is a major reason why empowering young women for marriage pays homage to this legacy. It's about nurturing resilience, self-awareness, and self-reliance. It involves discussions on communication, financial literacy, legal rights, and even sexual wellness. This collective effort lays the groundwork for brides to embark on their marital journey equipped with self-assurance and the determination to stand strong for themselves.

Moreover, the coming together of women to share experiences, insights, and wisdom carries significant weight. These gatherings become safe spaces for self-expression, nurturing, and growth. Participants engage in conversations about mental well-being, self-care, and the exploration of personal identity. Sharing stories and experiences fosters emotional resilience, providing valuable resources to navigate the intricate nuances that may arise in marriage. Workshops that cover financial planning and legal awareness further enhance these gatherings, empowering participants with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions as they embark on this transformative journey.

In the modern wedding landscape, the concept of establishing 'Here Comes The Bride' thus emerges as a herald of change by Ekta Shah. The first of its kind in India, this retreat aims to redefine weddings beyond tradition, it empowers conscious brides through transformative workshops, intimate networking, and self-discovery. It surpasses tradition to embrace empowerment. Set against the majestic backdrop of Khimsar Sand Dunes Fort, this retreat doesn't just host events; it orchestrates a movement. It celebrates individuality and empowers brides for the journey ahead, infusing them with confidence and grace.

As an increasing number of platforms encourage women to embark on empowered journeys within their marriages, societal pressures will collaboratively eradicate unjust traditions and gender roles, allowing marriages to radiate as genuine expressions of love and partnership.

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