Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali promote GAIL's Hawa Badlo campaign

Hawa Badlo supported by GAIL (India) Limited has launched the campaign’s anthem in line with their commitment to improve the air quality with collective societal effort under its Swachh Air Mission initiative. This campaign seeks to unify people who believe in the cause and urges them to sign up as Hawa Badlo warriors to physically execute initiatives and take steps towards positive change.


The narrative draws upon the aspirations of a young boy and a mother’s concern for his health and wellbeing, woven together by the anthem which inspires the mother to take necessary steps to secure her child’s future.

The story opens with a single working mother wearing a breathing mask before stepping out of the house. As soon as she steps out, her son gets into action and starts performing athletic stunts. The mother comes home in the evening to find her son unwell and having trouble breathing. Worried, she researches online and chances upon shocking facts related to air pollution. She comes across the Hawa Badlo page and discovers solutions and starts applying them such as plants to purify the air, installing a PNG connection, taking her son out in a CNG car and distributing Hawa Badlo pamphlets to other mothers to educate them on the issue and the preventive steps. The narrative then jumps forward 12 years into the future with the son receiving a medal on becoming an athlete and him thanking his mother for the steps taken by her to change everything for the better.

The campaign has been digitally launched with the exciting teasers featuring the two singers Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali. Short videos and clips of different duration have been carefully planned for multiple platforms and consumer touch points such as digital and radio. This will be followed by on-ground consumer engagement activities such as tie ups with RWAs, School Associations, Graffiti Drives and Plantation Drives.

Explaining the thought behind the campaign, Vandana Chanana, ED (CC & CSR), GAIL (India) Limited, added, “As a part of our Swachh Air Mission, we at GAIL have been consistently advocating taking positive steps towards fighting air pollution and taking necessary actions to improve the air quality. Through this anthem we are looking to inspire people to join the movement and do their bit towards combating air pollution, resulting in collective action aiming at bringing about significant tangible change. These Hawa Badlo warriors would spearhead this change and encourage more and more people to make this movement a progressive and sustainable one.”

Highlighting the thought behind the campaign, Protiqe Mojoomdar, Creative Producer, Handyyman who supervised the creatives of the campaign said “The Hawa Badlo Anthem is an inspirational beckoning which is beautifully brought to life through lilting vocals by Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali. Their tuneful rendition of this poignant anthem is made relevant through the visuals which depicts the issues faced due to air pollution, very aptly.”

Sharing her experience, Harshdeep Kaur said, “Air pollution has become a harsh reality today and I am grateful that I could do my part in creating awareness regarding the situation. I believe this anthem will go a long way in inspiring people to acknowledge this impending crisis and take corrective steps towards improving the situation.”

“The situation is very grim and the air quality is deteriorating at a rapid rate. It is up to each one of us to make a positive difference and take necessary actions in our daily lives to ensure that the situation is stabilised, if not rectified. It is indeed humbling that I had the privilege of lending my voice to this campaign and through this anthem I urge each and every person to take this issue seriously.” Said Javed Ali, while sharing his thoughts on the campaign.

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