Gulmarg Gondola Attracts One Million Tourists For Ride This Year

Comparatively, in the preceding year (2022-2023), the Gondola saw 8.5 lakh tourists, while in 2021-2022, six lakh visitors enjoyed the ride


As per a media report, this year marked a historic milestone for the Gulmarg Gondola, as it welcomed over one million tourists, generating revenue exceeding Rs 110 crore.

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department mentioned that Gulmarg Gondola has reached new heights. In FY 2023-24, the number of tourists riding the cable car surpassed one million for the first time. Revenue soared to over Rs 110 crores. J&K Tourism witnesses remarkable growth, surpassing previous records.

Comparatively, in the preceding year (2022-2023), the Gondola saw 8.5 lakh tourists, while in 2021-2022, six lakh visitors enjoyed the ride.

Raja Yaqoob, the Director of Tourism and overseer of the Gulmarg Gondola pointed out that the daily average of tourists taking the Gondola ride ranges from 3400 to 3500. He highlighted that despite a demand of 7000-8000 daily, the Gondola's capacity restricts it to the aforementioned numbers.

He emphasised the importance of not overloading the Gondola to prevent potential mishaps, prioritizing the safety and security of tourists. To enhance safety measures, extensive safety tests and upgrades, including the incorporation of the latest technology, were conducted on the second phase of the Gondola.

Raja underscored the continuous improvement and enhancement of services over time. He noted the high demand for the Gulmarg Gondola and mentioned that ticketing is now exclusively available online to combat black-marketing by certain individuals with vested interests.

The Gulmarg Gondola ranked as the world's second-longest and second-highest cable car system, stands out as a key attraction for tourists visiting the ski resort. Operating between Gulmarg and Khilanmarg, as well as Apharwat, it reaches an impressive altitude of 14,000 feet.

This ropeway project is a collaboration between the Jammu and Kashmir Government and the French firm Pomagalski. The initial phase, established in 1998, transports visitors from the Gulmarg resort at 8,694 feet to the Kongdoori Valley. Subsequently, the second phase, completed in 2005, consists of 36 cabins and 18 towers, carrying skiers and tourists to a height of 13,058 feet, near the Afarwat Peak.

Despite its overall smooth operation, an unfortunate incident occurred on 15 June, 2017, when gusty winds uprooted a pine tree, causing the perspex windows of one Gondola cabin to shatter, resulting in the tragic loss of seven occupants' lives.

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