Glorious Yet Glamorous- The Journey Of An Event Through A PR Lens

Don't count the days, make your days count before the event, writes Saloni Gandhi, Founder, The Pen Project


While curating an event, it may feel like you are running against time and publicity may be the last on your agenda list. Publicity plays a central role in getting the message out to your audience in the most efficient way possible.

So here’s how you can break it down and can effectively promote your event.

  1. Purpose of the event 

It is very important to define the purpose of the event. Why are you doing the event in the first place. And more importantly, what are you trying to achieve from this? Once you have detailed this out other things will fall into place. This needs to be done with proper clarity, if the event it to garner maximum footfalls or drive awareness about a particular cause then the actions will be very different for both.

Try to curate an event which is unique that has never happened before to catch the attention and leave an impression.

  1. Hook Messaging

After being clear with the purpose of the event it is important to present it in a way that attracts the crowd. A hook message can be in the form of a headline, image, thought prthought-provokingeos, something that adds relevance to the event, something which glues the readers. Make an engaging and interesting story around the cause you are promoting so that the media pursues you and not the other way around. This will automatically attract press coverage and  attention the of the journalists and writers before the event.

  1. Sending messages to different media outlets

After the hook messaging it is important to send the message out to relevant places to have an effect on the target audience. Each form of media targets a different set of audience and the way of communication differs with every medium.

Traditional media outlets like newspapers, magazines can be used to promote the event with relevant information. Radio and podcasts can be used to create a buzz in the audience. Social media platforms like facebook and instagram have these communities and groups that can be targeted to send out messages which will target a niche group. On social media, influencers relevant to the event can be approached and one can try to get to know their point of view and take their assistance in promotions. These different platforms would ensure that there is a new set of audience that is being approached every time covering a larger sphere, thereby increasing the chances of audience involvement in the event.

Promotions can be tricky but with the right strategic planning, foresight and apt timing it can be efficiently executed. There is no specific way to promote, each event is different and has to be done differently each time.

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