Gitikka Takes The Leap, Commits To A Higher Purpose As A Transformational Speaker

She recently delivered a TED Talk in Mumbai on Transformation 'Sheenta se Shakti ki aur, ("From Gender Inequality to Gender Equality”).


Gitikka Ganju Dhar, one of India's leading emcees, an respected orator who hosts large-format, prestigious events for India's experiential industry, delivered her first TED Talk on ‘From Gender Inequality to Gender Equality’ at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre Auditorium, Mumbai, in April. "The time has come." She said, as she touches a significant milestone of  completing 25 years as an anchor on Indian stage.

In her TED Talk, she said, “This talk is not motivated by the spirit of feminism, as I am not an expert on feminism, it is just, a human saying - I wish to live in a world that supports an experience of life devoid of the patriarchal impositions that the female gender has been burdened with since time immemorial. I speak for all my sisters of India. More importantly, I speak today for the future of the girl-child of India."

She believes that the future of India is entwined with the future of the girl-child. She says,  “I speak for Transformation – Sheenta se Shakti ki aur , From Gender Inequality to Gender Equality. I know the time will come, when we will say, without a worry in the world,  agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo, in my next birth, may I be born a girl-child, in India."

Ganju i in the process of crafting talks on some specific areas of human transformation. For updates, stay tuned to this space. Of course, she continues to host events across the country with flair, aplomb, finesse and a hearty smile that lights up the stage everytime she steps on it.

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