Geometry Encompass India tames the Dragons of Asia and wins Network Agency of the Year

Geometry claimed its ground for the fourth time in a row as the Network Agency of the Year.


Geometry Encompass had a glorious year at Dragons of Asia 2019, securing 5 Dragons under various categories. Their campaign, "Beginning of Togetherness" for Brooke Bond Red Label dominated the awards by winning the best in India title - the Blue Dragon, along with a gold, silver and black Dragon. The campaign was inspired by real-life stories and it reveals what happens when a cup of tea makes people question their deep-rooted prejudices. It focuses on communal brotherhood and encourages everyone to find common ground.

Geometry Encompass also won a Bronze Dragon for their campaign, “The Mirror Image”. It highlighted the efficacy of Vim dishwashing soap by replacing mirrors in public restrooms with thalis (steel plates used for having Indian meals) washed with the product. The thalis were so clean and shiny that the reflective surfaces acted like mirrors.

Geometry claimed its ground for the fourth time in a row as the Network Agency of the Year. The winners were announced on 7th October 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dragons of Asia  has recognized excellence in results-driven marketing communications by agencies and clients across all countries in the Asia Pacific region since the year 2000. Its Network Agency of the Year Award was conceived in 2016 and been bestowed to Geometry ever since.

Ranjit Raina, Chief Executive Officer, Geometry Encompass, speaking on behalf of Geometry Encompass India said “We’re thrilled to see that our hard work has been recognized by a body as prestigious as the Dragons of Asia. Arpan and his team have consistently delivered great work for our clients and it is this commitment that has shone through for us. This body of work is especially important as it demonstrates our creative strength across categories for HUL. The intense spirit of competition pushes us to perfection and keeps the industry dynamic and creative.”

Commenting on the victory, Roshan Abbas, Managing Director, Geometry Encompass, said, “This is a great achievement for us as we have won across a wide range of categories. This was made possible thanks to our hard-working team and our brave client partners. These awards are a testament to our dedication to create meaningful work that has an impact and pushes the envelope of creativity and effectiveness.”

Shankar Shinde, Managing Partner, Geometry Encompass, commenting on behalf of Geometry Encompass, said, “It is been a great year for Geometry Encompass, we did some excellent work around the largest human gathering Kumbh Mela 2019. And now it is humbling to see our work getting recognition at the international forum!”

Mike Da Silva, Director, Dragons of Asia marketing communications recognition programme, commenting on Geometry Encompass’s win, said, "This year’s Dragons of Asia was the closest Programme in our 19 years, in terms of quality of the execution and effective, measurable results. With this closeness, winning a Dragon of any colour this year, has been truly well deserved. Geometry Encompass’s “Beginning of Togetherness’ for the Brooke Bond tea brand, successfully encouraged Indians to open their minds to existing deep-rooted religious differences, becoming a catalyst for positive outcomes, whilst successfully addressing the brand’s marketing objectives.”

A full list of the awards won by Geometry Encompass India.





Best Campaign in India

Blue Dragon

The Beginning of Togetherness

Hindustan Unilever

Best Marketing Discipline Campaign

Gold Dragon

The Beginning of Togetherness

Hindustan Unilever

Best Brand Loyalty Campaign

Silver Dragon

The Beginning of Togetherness

Hindustan Unilever

Best Small Budget Campaign

Bronze Dragon

Mirror Image

Hindustan Unilever

Best Social Media or Word of Mouth Campaign

Black Dragon

The Beginning of Togetherness

Hindustan Unilever

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