Gaurish Rangnekar On Growing Mobile Bar Trends In India

From house parties to pop-ups to weddings a bar is the crowd puller, says the Founder of BarMobile


In conversation with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Gaurish Rangnekar shares the concept and vision behind BarMobile, India's first mobile bartending service, and talks about the growth of the mobile bar trend in India. Here are the edited excerpts from the interview. 

Which are the Upcoming projects you're currently associated with.

I am working on 2 new projects, one in the western suburbs and one in town. Both will be very distinct in nature. Unfortunately, I can’t spill much of the beans now but both are going to be noveltyful.

What is your Vision of bartending on wheels concept in India, how India has adopted western culture through various events? 

Well, I proudly say that I started BarMobile - India's first mobile bartending service 11 year ago and the vision I see in the near future is that many such entities will have a presence as the drinking culture has picked up in a big way and is only on the rise. From house parties to pop-ups to weddings a bar is the crowd puller. The Indian audience is now so well-exposed and also experimental that they want to try new brands and cocktails and want things out of the box.

Growth of BARMOBILE from the time of its birth to inception and currently associated with many on-ground events/ private launches, parties every month

Well in the last 11 years BarMobile has really grown. In fact, with our title itself we give the essence of the mobile bartending aspect and it’s also very catchy and peppy reminding people of the Batmobile. So, we have a great brand recall value which has helped us grow organically in a big way. Over the last 11 years, BarMobile is a major player when it comes to house parties. We surely ring the bells when people think of house parties. Also, we do a lot of wedding parties, corporate workshops, store launches, etc. Our best months obviously are the party season kickstarting from around October being Diwali and onwards through Christmas and New Year and the wedding season lasting till February. However, on average, we do at least 4 to 5 house parties a month apart from events. We have certainly made our mark as a premium mobile bartending service in Mumbai and we also do destination events.

What are your USP and your take on collaborations with liquor brands? 

Our USP certainly is our Mobile Bar which is one of its kind followed by our bespoke service. When I say bespoke, I literally mean it as we do special curations for each party or event as per the requirement. We have a lot of liquor brands as our channel partners wherein we work as a great medium between them and the correct audience which are our esteemed patrons. We do big events with liquor companies such as Beam Suntory, Campari Global and even Pernod Ricard.

Barmobile has also been consulting and providing management services to many restaurants and bars such as Geoffreys Marine Plaza , Mockingbird Cafe.Bar, Toast- Bistro & Bar, Aura and more. We provide end to end services from licensing to recruitment to training and development.

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