Gaurav VK Singhvi On The Power of Corporate Connections For Elite Companies

CC organises BHAF event annually to connect and resolve the problems corporates are facing


Gaurav VK Singhvi the Founder of We Founder Circle and National Director of Corporate Connections India and a member of Corporate Connections, a business networking organisation, talks about how elite business owners can transform their journey with Corporate Connections (CC). He shares some milestones achieved by CC. Here are the edited excerpts from the interview.  

Can you tell me about the Corporate Connections (CC)?

Corporate Connections is a community of elite business owners which is a premium business networking organisation people come here for a different transformational journey. Also, we have an annual event BHAF where all the members of CC come and we teach each other they try to inspire each other and the most important is to connect, collaborate and celebrate. 

How do you see the role of such events in business growth? 

It is very important, I take in two parts, networking is the most important in business growth and for networking, you need to do events continuously where people can set up meetings and one-to-one meetings and all those things that help in business growth. Part two is whenever you are building a community of investors you need to keep them engaged, doing multiple activities like this event is the best way to keep them engaged and everybody should feel belongingness to the organisation. 

What are the milestones Corporate Connections achieved so far? 

In 2019 we started Corporate Connections, for three- and half-year a lot of people doing collaborations, and almost 50 to 60 collaborations happened so far people investing huge money in each other’s businesses and have started bringing new businesses. In three years, we have seen 60 to 70 large stories coming up and people are celebrating the part of the community we can see the great impact is coming this way. 

What kind of problems you are trying to solve through corporate connections? 

Everybody is lonely at the top and the more you become successful more you become lonely and you have very less people to share. You have a lot of people to sit and drink together but there are very less people with whom you can discuss the serious problems you are facing. We are creating a community where people can have peer-to-peer networking and issue-solving, the idea is to create a safer environment where people can share their problems and get the solution. 

What criteria must be met in order to become a member of Corporate Connections?

Anybody who is about 10 million dollars (100 Crores) in business annually can be part of it, this is the first criterion. And the second is the cultural filter where we check the credibility of the people and what kind of work they are doing. You can’t be a part by writing to us but one of our members should invite you, he/she should validate you.

Why does someone need a minimum of 100 crore business annually to be a part of the CC?

To be very honest people with different status in the business has different problems. People with their initials have different problems like they don’t have capital, are finding employees, looking for sellers and buyers and many more. But the people who made 100 crore business have totally different problems and where they can connect each other.   

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