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Experts have been observing that there is a “wedding boom,” where the postponed weddings have been surging.


As vaccine mandates are being put in place, and travel restrictions have been lifted, the wedding industry seems to resurface with the same vigour this season. The wedding industry was one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic, but it has been recovering at an extremely fast pace, leading to a bonafide rebirth of weddings for the upcoming years. Experts have been observing that there is a “wedding boom,” where the postponed weddings have been surging. So from the existing season of 2021-22 to the upcoming season of 2022-23, the demand for wedding services is and will be at an all-time high. At the same time, it is important to note that the pandemic has been a catalyst for change. These changes have been seen across the wedding industry - from the more technical business aspect to the more all-time aspects like decor and fashion. 

In terms of business, the most common and prevalent change that will be seen is that micro yet luxurious weddings will take precedence over the elaborate big fat weddings. In part attributed to the covid safety guidelines to ensure a socially distant wedding, and in part due to the need to have close friends and family at your wedding alone, the future of the wedding business seems to focus on more intimate gatherings. Exclusive guest lists will take precedence as the mindset has changed considerably, where the couples are looking out for their guests extensively. Instead of throwing a big bash, where the needs of the guests are often overlooked, this wedding season, the couples in question are looking to make the wedding ceremony an affair that will be comfortable and accessible to their guests. This wedding season, the allocation of funds will be towards some wedding element that the couple wish to include, like a specialized food service, a themed decor or having an extravagant sangeet. 

While the wedding industry has been exclusively catered to brides and the finer sensibilities of women, behind the scenes it was seen that men were the ones in charge. From supplying stunning wedding garbs to event planning, the wedding industry had a tinge of irony. However, since the late 1990s and the early 2000s, many women wedding planners, designers, and photographers have been on the forefront. These days, wedding trends are dictated by celebrity weddings, and the masterminds behind these weddings are usually powerful women that are able to execute such high profile weddings without a hitch. While people of any gender can execute a perfect wedding, couples are noticing that weddings planned by a team of women seem to be more holistic in nature. The stiffness and the distant wedding planners of yesteryear are long gone and are replaced by a team of women that are involved in the wedding planning process as if it is their wedding on the line. The starchy posing and the fake smiles that were trendy two decades ago have been replaced by natural weddings - all these trends have been pioneered by women in the wedding planning business. 

One of the most sought out wedding trends this wedding season is having a sustainable wedding. Sustainability, as a movement, has been gaining traction, and couples are hyper-aware about the carbon footprint their wedding will have. So they are opting for reusable cutlery, by ditching single-use plastic cutlery. Another element they are looking into is curating a special menu that is seasonal in nature, so the importing and transportation of ingredients will be eliminated. Moreover, the menu will also be local in nature, capitalizing on the skills of experienced chefs and reliable catering companies. Couples today are also looking into personalizing their weddings. In order to make their wedding even close to their hearts, the couples are looking into a specialized colour scheme. One of the most popular colour schemes that couples are opting for is the ombre theme. Ombre shades do a wonderful job of breaking the monotony created by the traditional Indian wedding hues and bring in a much-needed element of lightness. Lastly, decor pieces that combine the flair of India and international traditions are also common this wedding season. From a fusion of colours to a fusion of cultures, the wedding decor in this case looks into creating a harmonious balance between various ideas and traditions. 

It is important to recognise the fact that 2021 has been all about thriving in the face of chaos. However, as the new year dawns upon us, it is important to note that the decor tone of the wedding will change completely in order to reflect the personal values of the couple in question. The formality of the lavish wedding will be toned down a little bit, but the element of uber-luxury will still be very much alive. Instead of having a huge bash, an intimate gathering with elaborate centrepieces made of gold, bronze, or silver will reign supreme. Rustic chic is also in - think a sultry desert decor, with rattan and wicker elements. While all the decor elements will be local and sustainable in nature, earthy tones will be very popular in terms of the decor used. Soothing touches and cloud couches that work wonderfully in a natural setting are going to gain traction. Lighting elements are also very important in future weddings. Moving on from singular and one-dimensional lighting schemes, couples are opting for multi-layered lighting options that incorporate fairy lights to tea lights to candles to LED lights for a holistic illuminated experience. 

On the basis of the India Couture Week 2021, industry insiders are able to predict some salient wedding trends for even 2022 in terms of clothing and fashion. Taking inspiration from the bride Rhea Kapoor, brides can look forward to incorporating pearls and text into their wedding garb. In this fantastic display of avant-garde fashion, Kapoor ditched the transitional red dupatta, and instead opted for a pearl veil and graphical skirt. Another popular trend is having a low-plunging neckline blouse. From backless to off-shoulder, a deep neck blouse has slowly gained a cult following amongst the brides of India. Paying homage to the traditional tribal elements of India, boho-chic elements are very popular. It perfectly combines the delicate ideas of the tribal world and combines it with contemporary fashion senses in order to arrive at a unique wedding outfit for each bride.  Some popular designers have also single-handedly brought up statement sleeves and shoulders. With a unique structure and a stunning silhouette, the use of iridescent materials makes the wedding gear seem truly magical. 

As we move past this transitional at the home period of more learning, the wedding trends that we see are also largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is transformation brewing around the corner, and it is high time that we, as an industry, need to embrace it. 

The author of the article is Prerana Agarwal Saxena- CEO and Founder of Theme Weavers Designs.

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