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Dream-Plan-Travel-Experience-Share-Recall: Isn't this the apt chain a traveler dreams of? But, the factor that holds all other aspects of a journey is the ‘EXPERIENCE.’ It is rightly said that wherever you go, whatever you do becomes a part of you somehow and to make it a memorable part, good experience is a must. Activities hosted around travel and tourism are tied to the evolution of mass management and the experience economy.

For the tourist, the experience includes, among other aspects, the places they visit, the accommodation, activities participated in and the memories created. Experiential tourism encourages travelers to participate and promote activities that enable people to be part of societies, cultures, and the outside space.

The most active of all tourism boards is none but Goa Tourism Board. May it be carnivals, road shows or wedding festivals, Goa wants to be a part of all. The Goa tourism realizes the potential a wedding market holds and to fortify the state's presence in the segment, Goa Tourism hosted its first ‘Goa Wedding Show' in partnership with Satyug Gold.

The Goa Wedding Show 2014 aimed at enhancing tourism in Goa by drumming into the evolving destination wedding market in India. Exhibitors included wedding planners, event managers, hotels, fashion designers, vendors, travel agencies and many more. The organizers aimed at creating an experience that increases trade opportunities for local vendors in Goa.

Shri Dilip Parulekar, Hon. Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Goa, said:

“Through this initiative we hope we manage to serve as a platform that brings together the best of Goa and showcase what makes the state such a viable wedding destination.”

From its remarkable architecture to its dreamy beaches, Goa has developed as one of India’s best wedding destination, providing numerous picturesque locations and exclusive experiences.

Thus, such an initiative by GTB will serve as an optimum marketing strategy and exhibit the scope of investing and exploring into the travel and tourism space engaging with people through various such activities.

Not only this, in its recent #GoaInstawalk which is the second version of the event, it has managed to gather a positive response from people. #GoaInstawalk 2.0 intends at exploring undiscovered places in Goa and showcase the lush green side of Goa during monsoons along with showcasing the cultural heritage that the state offers.

The event calls out all instagrammers, photographers, and photo bloggers to be a part of Goa Tourism walk and make it memorable for all those who love Goa. It welcomed eight popular bloggers shortlisted from eight major cities across India, who were invited to experience the Instawalk. Welcome Heritage Hotel accommodated the bloggers at their Panjim-Inn as a part of their deal.

Another brand that saw immense scope in Goa is Champions Group that aimed to create a memorable experience for their customers by initiating an ‘experiential luxury travel’ initiative.

The company targeted its premium customers by incorporating a catamaran ship anchored at Cavelossim village which attracted corporate and high end clients. It looked like a floating hotel for the high end customers.

The Yacht Club of Champions Group also introduced water based activities for their customers like scuba diving, snorkeling, angling, para sailing and gliding and even deep sea fishing by incorporating strategic tie-ups with respective agencies.

Speaking about the initiative Mr. Prajwal Viswanath, Marketing and PR manager, Champions Group said:

“We want to bring in more of these activities to engage our customers and we plan to introduce hovercrafts and sailboats to allow our customers to move on both sand and in sea,’ finishes off Viswanath."

“Discover Switzerland” an initiative by Kuoni Group Travel Experts and hosted by Switzerland Tourism took its guests to Appenzell, Bern, St. Gallen and Zurich as well as other areas in the eastern part of Switzerland.

The Asia Trophy was based on a concept developed by Switzerland Tourism wherein diverse teams rallying across parts of the country, getting to know the history, traditions and culture of Eastern Switzerland – largely undiscovered by many Asian travelers enhancing its role as a convention and incentive venue. Teams were asked to answer the questions and complete tasks to earn points, and a winner was announced towards the end of the day. For a better brand and venue recall each participant received a brochure showcasing all of the accommodation and activities that they have experienced and could be further booked for their clients by Kuoni Group Travel Experts.

Organizers of incentive tours and grand meetings are seeking out for ‘sensory destination experiences’ and team building, events associated with corporate social responsibility.

Therefore providing a destination where buyers from the IT sector, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries engage with representatives from public sector agencies and leisure group Switzerland Tourism with Kuoni in the Asian market managed to promote the country as the flawless destination for all kind of MICE business.

With India soon to become the world’s fastest growing travel markets in the globe, New South Wales (NSW) picked it right by showcasing the best of Sydney and NSW to Indian visitors through its campaign, called ‘Jhappi Time’ or ‘hug time’, which is one of its kind campaign as it is the first campaign developed and completed by any Australian tourism body.

With more than one third of Indian visitors travelling to New South Wales to spend time with their loved ones, NSW saw enormous potential in the ‘Visiting Friends & Relatives’ market segment in NSW.” By associating with such a beautiful message, the campaign managed to build an emotional connect with its audience.

It aimed at showcasing spectacular harbor, lovely beaches, delicious food and wine, and other distinctive regional attractions through the ‘Jhappi Time’ vignettes that embrace the stories of: a husband and wife missing their children living in Sydney; Sikh parents eagerly waiting to visit their daughter studying at the University of Sydney, about a woman who is becoming a grandmother for the first time and wants to visit the new member in the family in Sydney and many such.

The vignettes were displayed in India through digital media as well as through cinema advertising, and enabling travel wholesalers to promote travel packages and airfare bargains to Indian travel seekers.

Another great example is of South African Tourism associating with DDB MudraMax team rolled out an innovative outdoor campaign. The team explored innovative and gripping ideas like skydiving, river rafting etc. The creators of the outdoor campaign managed to capture the assorted experiences like adventure, luxury, entertainment and wildlife.

The campaign ‘Meet South Africa’ stationed across 22 cities in India aimed to give a sight of the typical and varied activities that South Africa can offer to suit the wide-ranging demands of Indian travelers.

The travel and tourism business is setting its mark in the country. Not only state tourist board promotions but inter-country tourism promotions are on a roll. Investing in tourism experiential activities looks like a great prospect for brands to invest in. Experiential activities maybe just one part of the entire trip or event, but it is an important one as it provides the opportunity for travelers to recall their previous trip before planning the next.

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