Ferns N Petals Launches New Digital Film #DiwaliRishtonWali

The campaign has been launched across multiple digital platforms in India


Gifting giant Ferns N Petals (FNP) rolled out a new digital brand film on the occasion of Diwali, celebrating human relationships and how gifts can play a pivotal role to rekindle old friendships and other relationships that we might have missed connections of in our busy lives - #DiwaliRishtonWali. The campaign has been launched across multiple digital platforms in India. With Diwali's advent of Diwali, an explosion takes place – of unsullied joy, happiness, familial bonds, and friendships- old and new. Riding on these sentiments the brand narrates a story that celebrates the beauty of human emotions and relationships. With all the milestones and career changes and moving to different cities, 2 friends who have earlier parted ways reconnect to relive the nostalgia; amidst the celebratory moments, the gaggle and bright-eyed smiles and the lights which deck up the night sky this Diwali FNP helps reunite long lost friends. 

In the journey of life, we leave behind a lot of people, sometimes due to unforeseen events or for sheer lack of time. However, we do not forget them. In some corner of our hearts, they live albeit in a distance. Conceptualized in-house the wholesome ad captures a man in his early 30s and his wife busy decking their home for Diwali. Our protagonist chances upon an old abandoned cardboard box filled with souvenirs dating back to his school days. Immediately the floodgates of memory open taking him down a nostalgia-induced journey, of times spent with his dear school friend, his bosom buddy. As the day progresses memories come gushing back as he recollects those special moments shared with his friend. Memories that are strewn across dusty old photographs, in the aroma of freshly made ladoos, in the flickering lights of diyas. His heart yearns for the magical time spent with his chum and a realization dawns upon him that friends are truly life’s treasure. The closing frame takes us to an isolated cottage in a remote location on the night of Diwali where the friend dwells who is pleasantly surprised when the doorbell rings and an FNP delivery man, hands him an FNP gift box. In a bid to revive a forgotten yet unsullied bond the main character has the express delivery service by FNP and has sent his long lost friend a delectable gift hamper wrapped in emotions.

Sai Thota, Head of Digital Marketing FNP comments” We are pleased to bring this amazing brand campaign #DiwaliRishtonWali to our customers. This year’s campaign puts old friends, renewing forgotten ties and appreciation at the forefront; recognizing that the real sparkle of Diwali is connecting with one another – virtually or in person. The concept evokes a joyous gift-giving mood communicating the core messages of value and ease of gifting, gift wrapped emotions and express delivery of gifts in a high-impact format. Physical distance does not mean that we cannot be present and FNP goes to great lengths to connect us with those we love.”

Arnab Das, Head of Content Marketing FNP adds “This is a very personal story, for me, for the team and perhaps for everyone who watches it. All of us have that one person in our lives who we miss dearly. As a brand, if we can rekindle those emotions and refresh those relationships, we will live our purpose.”

Exquisite Diwali gift hamper collection by FNP is available in 40+ countries where patrons can place orders from the comfort of their homes.  FNP is growing its international footprints and is currently operational in UAE, Qatar and Singapore. The brand aims to expand its presence significantly.  After all it’s an excellent solution to meet your everyday gifting needs.

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