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Aristotle quoted, “the route to education is bitter but the fruit is sweet”. Education today, is one of the most critical spheres to debate about. It’s  often said that ‘one book, one teacher and one child together can change the world’. Today, EE talks about why learning is essential and what initiatives are being taken in order to build a learned nation.

Providing education to girls gives them the strength and power to make their own choices. A learnt woman has the direction and confidence that she needs to be a better citizen. S.H.E. - SUPPORT HER EDUCATION campaign initiated by, “The Body Shop” India, in collaboration with “Food for Life Vrindavan” (FFLV) is a pursuit to highlight girls’ education. One can donate towards the initiative by buying a product directly or online and a certain portion of the payment would be donated for the girl welfare. The campaign plans to support 100 unprivileged girls in 2014-15. Along with assembling fund for education, it also aims at providing food and healthcare facilities and self defense training. Funds will be collected from 100+ stores of The Body Shop India to support the girl child.

A fun and experiential activity by McDonald’s and Dorling Kindersley included presenting interactive books with Happy Meals. Under this initiative, limited edition books with playful themes will be distributed throughout August and September 2014. This experiential campaign attracted the young consumers and is also trying to engage them in a fun way of learning by enhancing their knowledge.

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This experiential activity using a mobile communications platform Viber promoted Jharkhand-based YUWA Foundation, which uses football to empower girls. YUWA and Viber partnered on a special agenda that allowed its users to contribute in the success of YUWA team. The campaign called “Vibe the Goal” initiated with the goal of constructing an enduring centre for their training and nourishment. This required the user to just send a message to viber; message sent will add to the sum that Viber will put in the campaign. The aim was to generate awareness about the NGO working towards the social cause of combating with concerns like human trafficking and child marriage in India. These experiential campaigns brought in the element of emotional connect with its consumers.

An initiative by Coca-Cola NDTV, in collaboration with UN-Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Sulabh International called “Support My School” Telethon 2013 raised pledges to reinvigorate 250 schools in semi-urban and rural areas.  A 12-hour telethon led by Aishwarya Rai and Sachin Tendulkar aimed at reaching out to over 100 schools and 50,000 students to develop vigorous, vital and sound schools with enhanced basic amenities in rural and semi-urban areas and subsequently, generating monetary resources for these schools. Celebrities like Cyrus Broacha, Ayushman Khurana,  Boman Irani also joined hands for the initiative.

Another one on the list is association of Discovery kids’ Channel with the Edinburgh science festival, a 10-day educational event held in Bangalore. All the kids from the city along with their families and teachers were invited to the festival where life size bubbles were formed and the power of light and sound was experienced using interactive and engaging sessions.  A mirror experiment was done keeping in mind the central theme as ‘fun’. Several parents, teachers and students attended this event. This entertaining experiential event was a huge success.

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