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Nearly 1,000 marketers, event specialists and most innovative marketing agencies gathered at Las Vegas for this year’s edition of Event Tech, and it was definitely the was certainly a place to be at for any experiential marketing enthusiast.

Though this piece I would like to share four of my key value areas at EventTech 2015.

Great Sessions

With dozens of sessions presented by brands and event technology leaders, EventTech provides a plethora of learning from industry experts.  Every time I attend, I learn something new from fellow colleagues and industry leaders on their marketing and event experiences.  Nothing can beat the in-person experience of a technology use case that may apply to your next event.  There are so many great sessions to choose from and it can be challenging when there are five sessions occurring concurrently.  You can’t choose a bad session, there is learning in all of them.  With multiple sessions at every time slot, you just have to do your best to select the most applicable session for your purposes.  I was there to present from a brand’s perspective and I focus on other brand presentations when I make my session attendance schedule.

Loads of Exhibitors

In addition to the great learning opportunities in the session presentations, the exhibitors provide a fun opportunity to try out their products and learn about their use cases.  I appreciate the time to interface with their representatives and ask all of my questions.  I enjoyed testing out some of the social sharing vendors like Limelight and their “haunted house” photo share.


With 1,400 other event marketers in attendance, EventTech provides a great opportunity to network with other practitioners and learn from their experiences.  You never know when you might benefit from another contact or vendor to fill a niche in your program.  You will find a wealth of experience and a tremendous resource of experts in the event field.

Women in Event Technology

For the first time, EventTech offered a ‘Women in EventTech Mixer’.  I was happy to kick off the event with my insights and top tips for women in technology from my years of experience.  We can all learn from one another and I was happy to see EventTech providing this opportunity for women at the conference.

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Kathleen Mudgehandles marketing strategy and execution for Cisco events specializing in social media planning, execution and best practices for Cisco’s flagship event Cisco Live.

Twitter- @KathleenMudge

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