Event industry leaders share experiences with students at EEMA Eduposium

The Ed Talk titled “Eduposium” hosted by EEMA for EEMAGINE 2017 saw a house brimming with students from colleges across the city at the Air Force Auditorium at Aerocity.


The youngsters were addressed and exhorted by events industry leaders as they came together to share their experiences and journey through with inspiring talks and presentations.

The panel of discussion was moderated by Mandeep Singh and included top industry professionals including Sabbas Joseph, Director, Wizcraft International and President EEMA, Roshan Abbas (Managing Director Encompass), Vijay Nair (Youth  IPs), Sanjoy Roy (Culture as events), Chetan Vohra (Weddings & Social), Michael  Menezes (Government and corporate), Sushma Prabhu (Activation / education/ women in events), Vivek  Singh (Sports Events).                 

Roshan Abbas, Director Encompass, encouraged the students present by saying, “It is a place of dreams but it also is a place of delivery. While you dream do deliver. Learn how to practically apply the things you learn. On a lighter note he said, the problem of this generation is that you have everything on your fingertip but you are too busy texting” 

 Meanwhile, Sabbas Joseph Director Wizcraft International and President EEMA exhorted the students by saying, “If I was a 21 year old like every other student here, I would choose events again and again as a career because there’s nothing an event cannot do. Events can create magic, events can launch brands, events can launch families as brands, events can change a country's perceptions. Events can do whatever you want them to do when planned and executed with 100% focus.”

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