Emcee Anupam Anand Speaks About His Journey & Passion

He is a well-known host and personality development and communication skill trainer


Anupam Anand is a well-known anchor, personality development and communication skills trainer. He has been anchoring all over India for eight years. He hosted the events of Times Business Awards, Times Fashion Week, Red FM Business Brilliance Awards and Business World and has worked with many reputed clients. In a recent interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, he spoke about his journey and experiences. Here are edited excerpts from the interview.

Tell us how it all started and how you got to know that this is the most important thing on your bucket list. 

When I was hosting my college fest (Acharya Habba) a crowd of nearly 10 thousand people responded to my cheers and the goosebumps on my body told me that this is it. There was no bucket list then. For me, my bucket list was to finish the engineering and manage myself and my family and it goes on. The stage and my passion don’t belong on any bucket list.

Can you share more about your love for your passion?

As I said stage and microphone for me are my heart and soul. My food is the audience’s energy and love. People appreciated my voice and I am trying to make my voice the best in the market. Also, I knew that people always look up to a hero figure's personality. It has been 10 years since I hit the gym, and the thirst to get the best of me is not yet over. I believe in overall personality, God hasn’t made anyone perfect, but it’s up to us what we choose.

How did your Family and Friends react when they got to know about your passion? How was their support during this journey?

They know what I am doing. I am just trying to fulfill their wishes. My father wanted me to become a Civil Engineer, well I have a degree. My brother wanted me to become a superstar, well I am trying. My mother just wants me to be happy and enjoy my life, I think I am doing that. What I am trying to say is first everyone should dedicate themselves to getting educated and literate, once you understand your passion and talent, work on that and follow your dreams.

I made sure once I was out of college and started earning, I never asked for a single penny from my dad. So basically, they are done supporting me, now it’s my turns to reciprocate.

Tell us an incident or any special moment which happened with you related to the bucket list that you achieved. 

Well, it was a bucket list thing for me to host a radio station show someday, but you see they all rejected me.  But the day when they asked me to host their first corporate award show with a lot of respect, I was very happy. I felt obliged and at that moment I knew I don’t need the radio; the radio needs me now.

I always wanted to give my voice to some big fashion shows in Bangalore. Although rejected by the modeling industry, I still made it to the microphone with my voice in Times Bangalore fashion week.

What is your biggest achievement?

For me, the biggest achievement is that I haven’t given up yet and this will remain constant. Achievements will always be the love and respect I get from people. Achievement for me is when people walk up to me to praise my work and dedication.

What are your future goals?

To get more work, to reach out to more people and audiences.  I am not very future-oriented, I believe in learning from the past and working in present. All I hope is that people will talk about my work someday.

What is your message to the young generation who wants to achieve great things in their lives?

If you are below 18, respect your parents and teachers, just chill and enjoy, make sure to have fun, don’t stress about anything that affects your peace, and get rid of such things or people that hamper your happiness, there is no compromise. Today the young generation tries to learn things not just in their field of work but also in their field of interest. We get very lost because of our education system once we are out in the real world. But education is a must. Self-discovery is also important and that is taught in the classroom of life. Respect every human, good or bad, for what they will teach you. And choose your actions, idols and inspirations, and your life decisions wisely. If you make a wrong decision, work hard to make it right.  

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