EazyDiner launches “Support the Restaurant” dining vouchers to support 10,000+ restaurants across India amidst COVID-19 lockdown

EazyDiner will also be extending its “Thank the Stars” campaign to reward and upskill more hospitality professionals across India with training programmes.


In order to ensure business continuity of restaurants across India amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, EazyDiner seeks support, from its users, for the restaurants they love and cherish. EazyDiner has launched pre-paid dining vouchers under the "Support the Restaurants" initiative which will ensure a steady cash flow into restaurants during these trying times. The initiative aims to safeguard millions of jobs across the restaurant industry in India and in turn cushion the business impact restaurants are facing due to a halt in business continuity. The dining vouchers will assist the restaurant industry in meeting their key expenses such as rental costs, salaries, exigency funds and more.

In order to purchase the same, users can log onto EazyDiner and purchase a voucher worth Rs 1000 with up to 25% discount, which they can redeem anytime until December 2020. EazyDiner will reimburse the money to the restaurants within 15 days of the voucher being bought, these vouchers would work on the final bill over and above any EazyDiner reservation deal being made available by restaurants to millions of EazyDiner users across India.

For participating restaurants, this would enable them to secure cash flow and future business prospects. EazyDiner will also credit an additional 250 EazyPoints with every voucher sale in order to encourage more patrons to purchase these vouchers and to eat out at restaurants at a future date once the epidemic subsidies and poses no threat to the wellbeing of the general populace at large in strict adherence to government orders. In order to generate awareness about this, EazyDiner will reach out to its user base across India with an extensive digital media campaign across all leading platforms.

In addition to this, EazyDiner will also be extending its “Thank the Stars” campaign to reward and upskill more hospitality professionals across India with training programmes. Every time a user reviews a server or chef at a restaurant, Rs. 10 will be contributed by EazyDiner towards a central fund, which will be used to upskill and train the restaurant staff and give them better career prospects, especially in such turbulent times. 

“First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the essential service operators and workers who are risking their lives every day to ensure that essential services are not impacted. Amidst these unprecedented times, dining vouchers under the "Support The Restaurants" initiative will seek to safeguard our 60 billion-dollar restaurant industry and protect millions of livelihoods directly/indirectly dependent on them. During these times we would like to assure our partners that EazyDiner is committed to their cause and will assist them in every possible way to ensure millions of individuals/businesses don’t plunge into financial hardships owing to COVID-19. We would encourage our users to stay at home for their safety and take adequate care to ensure the wellbeing of their physical and mental health. As we await to tide through these tough times and situations, we look forward to a government supporting the restaurant industry with more initiatives in the coming few days.”, said,  Rohit Dasgupta, CEO & Co-founder, EazyDiner.

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