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If you are not involving social media in your events, you are surely missing on something big! Social media has been a great aid for brands that leverage it for displaying sponsorship ads to increase market sales. Social media not only adds value to an experiential event but creates more engagement and viral content for the brand. With the help of social media, event planners tend to engage in lasting discussions with its attendees.

Narrowing down from social media and considering the example of twitter, it has enabled brands to expand their reach towards their clients and customers. Twitter being a platform for many experiential campaigns these days, it has taken the engagement to the next level.

Elucidating on the importance of social media in event industry, Rajiv Dingra CEO, WatConsult says, “It’s a marriage made in heaven. Twitter is a real time platform and vents are all about what’s happening now. B2B events allow users to share thoughts and ideas and with the help of twitter it gets amplified. One-dimensional perspective turns into multi-dimensional.  There is immense knowledge being shared through twitter and it collects reactions by people even if they are not present at the venue.”

Citing an example Mr. Dingra explained the Twitter Selfie booth installation campaign conducted by them and how it gathered huge traffic on the twitter page. #MirchiSelfie enabled celebs to take their pictures on the red carpet of the Mirchi Awards and then uploading it on twitter for users to re-tweet them.

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With time social media has become an essential part of events and usage of twitter as a social media platform is on a roll.

With the launch of Cadbury Silk’s new treat for two offers, the premium version of Cadbury Chocolate in India - Cadbury Silk has been on an active engagement spree with its buyers. With every large bar of Cadbury Silk, Silkaholics can avail two free cups of coffee at any Café Coffee Day outlet nationwide.

The brand created an interactive campaign called #SilkUp in partnership with Grey Social. Set out in two phases, the activity got consumers to join #SilkUp on the Cadbury Silk Twitter pages and be a part of online coffee conversions with celebrities. The campaign also created personalized video invites for the people.

The tweets made by fans were read out on air and discussed among the four celebrities present at the radio station. This was a great experiential activity coupled with digital innovation using social media as a platform.

Not only brands but events use twitter as a medium to gather crowd engagement. IPL T20 Extra Innings used twitter as a channel to drive viewership for the show. Multiple features were integrated in the show associated with twitter platform to make it interactive. Viewers of the show were given a chance to unlock exclusive, fun Extra Innings T20 content on-air by tweeting with #eit20 hashtag. On reaching the desired re-tweet target, users were rewarded for their efforts by showing them special content during the next airing of the EI T20 show.

For the first time through "Twitter Mirror" the show used personalized photo experience exclusively from the sets of EI T20 to allow the cricketers, hosts and celebrity guests to tweet out candid pictures and share customized messages with their viewers. The initiative also provided its viewers an opportunity to ask questions during the show under the hashtag #eit20.

Twitter is thus a great medium, not only from the marketer’s point of view but also from the consumers end.

“If because of trending on twitter, lots of people start talking about your brand, I think it is a great opportunity. It increases the chance of brand visibility in that case, said Ankit Bhatia, Frogideas. I believe connecting through twitter is a great way out rapidly to a lot of people together which lays emphasis on the need for quality content and new forms of creativity.

Frogideas conducted an event around twitter with the #COOLESTINTERVIEWEVER in which they carried out to showcase HCL Technologies as a great employee brand by conducting an entire recruitment exercise exclusively through twitter offering the winning candidate an opportunity to work on a yearlong strategic project with the company’s top management. The top five applicants were allowed to participate in one-on-one interviews over the social media platform.  The event gathered widespread attention witnessing participation of more than 88 cities.

This was a great experiential move using twitter as a platform.

Social media is becoming an integral part of experiential marketing. Events and experiential activities can only be successful if they are enjoyed by million others, and social media is the right medium to achieve that.

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