EEMA North Rendezvous 2024 Concludes On A High Note

The meet ignited industry discussions on tech-driven virtual events, sustainable practices, and empowering smaller players, paving the way for a future-proof Indian event industry


The EEMA North Rendezvous 2024, held at Luxera, New Delhi, on 15 March, 2024 emerged as a success, bringing together 150 industry leaders for a day of insightful discussions and vibrant networking.

Key Takeaways and Industry Insights

The meet ignited industry discussions on tech-driven virtual events, sustainable practices, and empowering smaller players, paving the way for a future-proof Indian event industry.

Enlightening sessions by WEChartered Consultancy’s Sunil Pathak (Founder & Chairman) and Rahul Kishore Sharma (CEO) shed light on financial aspects, including private equity funds, SME/Main Board IPOs, and government schemes such as Startup India and the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. These sessions effectively equipped attendees with practical strategies to navigate financial management and regulatory hurdles. Followed by Naveen Gupta and Vishal Puri Co-Founders of Forty Five Positive Tech showcased their product, Spalba, a SaaS platform that simplifies event planning for enterprises by offering venue discovery, vendor management, and ROI tracking in one place.

EPID & ERP To Elevate Event Professionals' Recognition

Vipul Pandhi, Vice President of EEMA North, introduced EPID (Event Professional ID) and ERP(EEMA Recommended Partners), underscoring their role in enhancing industry standards and facilitating streamlined operations for event professionals. These initiatives aim to foster a cohesive community and drive excellence in event management practices by providing unique identification, comprehensive profiles, and continuous development opportunities.

Industry Leaders Express Optimism

Samit Garg, President, EEMA, said, "The importance of capital and talent in driving business growth cannot be overstated. Companies must engage in focused conversations and reach out to more individuals who genuinely seek to expand their businesses. Capital plays an exceedingly critical role in this journey. Moreover, with the emergence of new companies in the market, talent acquisition and retention become paramount. As highlighted, internal referrals can significantly reduce poaching risks. Accessing schemes tailored for businesses ranging from 25 to 50 crore of top-line can prove highly beneficial. Additionally, organising workshops with relevant teams can further enhance business strategies. Currently, six event companies listed in the SME market boast a collective market cap of 2000 crores, reflecting a promising future for the Indian event industry."

Sabbas Joseph, Past President & Director of Wizcraft International said, "Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the cornerstones of progress in our industry. Together we will find solutions, in working together lies our strength and the EEMA North Rendezvous exemplifies this very spirit."

Vipul Pandhi, Vice President, EEMA North, shared, "EEMA North Rendezvous serves as a platform for industry professionals to connect, learn, and innovate. This event reinforces the strength of our community and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. We are excited to unveil our EPID & ERP initiatives to the members today, aiming to recognise the profound talent we have in our industry, create synergy, and move forward."

Ruchin Kohli, Joint Secretary, EEMA North, further emphasised the event's significance, "The energy and enthusiasm at the event were truly inspiring. This gathering has set the stage for exciting advancements in the events industry. We are here to share our learning and together we will propel our industry forward. We are so thankful to all our event contributors and partners."


EEMA North Rendezvous extended its heartfelt gratitude to the members for their unwavering support - Rajeev Jain, Sanjeev Pasricha, Kamaljit Singh Gurna, Mandeep Singh, Vijay Arora, Nitin Arora, Prerana Saxena, Karan Singh Chettri, Sharad Mathur, and Amanveer Singh.

Additionally, Sagar Pingali, Executive Vice President, EEMA; Vinod Janardhan, General Secretary, EEMA; Siddharth Ganeriwala, Secretary, EEMA; Ankur Kalra, Treasurer, EEMA; D V Vinod Gopal, VP South of EEMA; Suman Raina, State Head of EEMA Rajasthan; and Vanesa Williams, Committee Member of EEMA North, were appreciated for being a fantastic support system.

Collaboration Takes Centre Stage

EEMA North Rendezvous expressed its tahnkfulness to its partners whose support played a pivotal role in the event's success. Partners include Luxera Hotel (Venue Partner), W Productions(Fabrication, Stage & Sound), Drink Devils (Bar Management), Benson Trophy & Awards (Trophy), Virtual Box (Digital Kiosk), Siddhi Conferences & Exhibitions (Branding), Sula Vineyards (Wine), Bacardi India (Liquor), JEA Band (Music), Yellow Rentals (Power), Vishnu Delight (Gifting), Drishti Vision Multimedia Services (LED), W Productions (Fabrication & Technical), Airbotix Technology Pvt Ltd (Drone), Swati Sharma Singh (Anchor), DJ Sue Project (DJ), Vishal Singh Bhati (Singer), and WeChartered Consultancy Pvt Ltd (Rahul Kishore Sharma & Sunil Pathak).

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for Events

The 10-point agenda for developing the event management sector, presented by Garg, sparked innovative ideas and actionable insights. Discussions on sustainability, crisis management, and promoting local culture and tourism further fuelled this creative atmosphere.

Moving forward, EEMA North Rendezvous remains committed to leveraging these valuable insights to drive positive change and progress within the dynamic events industry.

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