Dream Wedding On A Budget: Strategies To Plan Without Breaking The Bank

This wedding season, Sujai Raina, Head of Business Development, Visa India, writes for Everything Experiential as he shares a few tips on using finances more effectively to make the wedding experience truly memorable


The much-anticipated wedding season in India is underway. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has forecasted a record-breaking Rs 4.74 lakh crore in revenue from about 38 lakh marriages1 this season, making it the highest ever witnessed in the country. The Indian wedding season does keep our calendars busy and our wallets light.

Be it a big fat Indian wedding or an intimate gathering, weddings, in all their glory, require a fair bit of financial planning. As D-day gets closer, expenses often go up invariably and to make it truly one’s 'dream wedding', planning the money department well in advance is key. Sujai Raina, Head of Business Development, Visa India, shares a few tips on using finances more effectively to make the wedding experience truly memorable.

A balance between a dream wedding and a realistic budget stage one of wedding planning starts from ascertaining a budget, based on all possibilities and expectations. This can include aspects like theme, venue, accommodation, food, attire, decorations, and of course the expansive guest list. While one could pay for these expenses in different ways, it is prudent to use specific credit cards for all such expenses. Imagine the relief when you are trying to reconcile expenses and can see them all on one card statement! In addition, credit card transaction alerts on your mobile phones, make it easier to track your spending, in real-time and on the go.

Plan your way early to new beginnings wedding planning is an extensive and time-consuming process, as it should be, given how important the event is in one’s life. To simplify this and manage your time well, start planning early; devote time to compare prices and rates across venues, destinations, payment methods, etc. Not only does this help you manage time but also allocate your funds responsibly. Even post-wedding travel can be planned and paid for in advance to get better rates along with reward points on your bookings. Most credit cards offer an EMI option that allows you to split large expenses into easy instalments.

Choose credit cards that suit your needs credit cards can help a great deal in budgeting and avoiding expense overload, in addition to rewarding you with points, cashback or air miles for the spending. Many co-branded cards offer specific discounts and cashback offers on certain categories like travel, dining, hotel bookings and shopping outlets – all of which are relevant to wedding planning. You could even ask your bank for a temporary increase in credit card limit, to ensure you don’t need to split the spends across different payment instruments.

Use reward points efficiently Once you build up a balance of reward points, use the pool efficiently; a wedding is only the first step in a lifelong journey of togetherness. Many banks and card issuers offer a varied set of redemption options in segments like travel, dining, home décor furnishings, etc. So, leverage the rewards points earned for that honeymoon you always wanted or to set up your new home.

Prioritising financial planning ahead of the wedding can be beneficial and takes away a lot of the stress. While using credit cards efficiently can be highly useful, one should have a detailed budget for smart cash flow management. Ensure that your credit card/s has been switched on for making e-commerce payments in case you wish to tap-to-pay at in-store merchants. It is also advised to possibly explore enhanced limits with your bank and choose credit cards with rewards programs that align well with your needs. With the right planning and the right payment method, make sure that the wedding truly becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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