Differentiation, costing and turnaround time are defining the benchmark- Nazneen Karimi, CEO, Percept ICE

2016 has been a year of evolution and growth for the events industry, ‘immersion’ being the key area of focus. Brand marketers are now expecting holistic 360-degree concepts and ideas based on innovative, creative and customized storytelling. Nazneen Karimi, CEO, Percept ICE talks about the instrumental factors that are set to influence the world of events.


Technology: a key player

As opposed to the scenario a couple of years ago when the challenge was the lack of technology, and limitation of access to advanced technologies due to premium pricing, nothing is off-limits in today’s digital world. While Technologies such as VR, AR, and 4D mapping are enablers for creating sensory experiences and communicating brand / product stories, SEG technology, Backlit Fabrics, or LCD interfaces can be the game changer in an event. “If an event planner can dream it, a talented teams of designers, programmers, technicians and event producers can execute it. The use of technology creates impactful touch points, inviting guests to be a part of the sensory experience. Therefore forward – thinking approach is mandatory for survival in today’s cutthroat, cutting edge events space,” said Karimi.


Armed with smartphones, cushioned by projects like Digital India, and Reliance Jio, demographics today, not only expect, but demand, streamlining. So more than a trend, apps are a mandate now. “If an event isn’t smart and ahead of the curve, then it is redundant,” Karimi said, driving the point home.

Predictably, there is an increase in the engagement of interactive mobile event apps, both pre, during and post events, such as expediting the normally tedious check-in process, garnering instant feedback at the event through voting, forwarding personalized event pics and memorabilia instantly post event.

Individuality, Economy, Speed: the three pillars

Three trends clearly defining the benchmark now: Differentiation in ideas for each and every event, shrinking client budgets and shorter lead times.

“Simple methods of customizing and differentiating each event includes segmenting the content by identifying the profile of the attendee, personalizing our pre-event communication tools, using the pre-event metrics collated towards making smarter planning decisions for the event, quick responsiveness to both our clients and their guests, and of course marrying unique creative ideas with the magic of technology,” elaborated Karimi, on the challenge of differentiating ideas from brief to brief. Showcasing work, she feels, is the best way to make an impression on the consumer.

Environment and Security

As Nazneen stressed on, the spotlight on increased sustainability and environmental focus has become vital in today’s corporate environment. Event companies need to present sustainable and environment friendly events and initiatives in a transparent manner, reduce wastage and carbon footprint, and ensure that the client’s repute and neighboring communities remain unaffected during the process of execution. Also, to be given extreme priority is the safety and security which is under constant threat these days with acts of terrorism reaching a new high. Incidentally, it is the same technology, which can turn from boon to bane, when security is concerned. Nazneen has a positive outlook on it though, as she added, “The enhancement in technology does certainly make the process susceptible, but this enhancement also helps us identify and close these loopholes to the maximum possible extent. And while there are indeed these multiple levels and layers of technology to this process flow in order to make it as smart and streamlined as possible, we do maintain manned layers, to remain hands-on and not reliant totally on technology.”

In the wave of growth that technology and creative liberation has brought, however, venues are posing a limitation. While ideas have gained traction and scale, large-scale venues with modern and capable infrastructure are limited. TAVF India forum was a move in this direction with an aim to consolidate and champion the BTL growth across venues across India and harness the true potential of this space.

“This is a matter, if solved, will take away a significant roadblock stopping our nation from setting benchmarks in the events domain,” signed off Karimi.

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