Demystifying how new age ‘Made in India’ brands were created with Harsh Pamnani

Harsh Pamnani, a marketer himself has been on the mission to bring forward the journeys of new age ‘Made in India’ brands


When we look from optimism perspective, India is a crowded market with billion-plus population. Many entrepreneurs aspire to create new businesses with dream to make a fortune in this billion-plus market. But when we look from execution perspective, India is a complex market with diverse cultures, languages, demographics, consumer behaviors and much more. In addition, it is a highly competitive market as for every offering; many big and small Indian players exist as well as international competitors keep on entering the market.

Moreover, today’s consumer is becoming more demanding, new technologies are disrupting established business models, number of marketing channels are increasing and attention span of consumer is decreasing. In such crowded, complex and competitive market, building an admirable brand from scratch has become one the toughest tasks for entrepreneurs and marketers. 

Though the business environment and market trends in India are rapidly changing, the referable material on brand building has not evolved at the same pace. Most of the material taught in business schools and books available in market covers examples and case studies of international brands. Brand building strategies that worked in developed markets like America, may not be applicable in emerging markets like India. Some great material has been written about old age Indian brands, but due to advent of factors like liberalization, increasing employee attrition rates and digital media, brand building strategies that were effective in the past are slowly becoming obsolete today. 

But even in the midst of multiple challenges of the new age, a few entrepreneurs have been able to create admirable brands. Harsh Pamnani, a marketer himself has been on the mission to bring forward the journeys of new age ‘Made in India’ brands. In his book “Booming Brands”, he has covered the journeys of new age admirable brands like BookMyShow, BYJU'S,, FirstCry, Su-Kam, Goli Vada Pav, PaGaLGuY, Paper Boat, Elephant Design, Zomato and Jayaashree by Arunachalam Muruganantham (Pad Man). 

Harsh says, “Since childhood, I have been curious to understand why a few businesses grow while many struggle.” He met many marketers, academicians, entrepreneurs and students who expressed that there is enough material available on growth stories of international brands, but not much has been written about the journeys of Indian brands. Noticing this void, he felt, along with satisfying his curiosity, he could create referable material that could be leveraged by many people who are interested in learning how new age admirable brands were created from scratch. 

He defined the structure of stories covering ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ of brands’ journeys and pitched to various brands that are market leaders in their respective niches. He says, “By God’s grace, many of the founders liked my idea and agreed to give me their time.”

Packed with wealth of ideas and learnings from diverse businesses, this book is an essential handbook for anyone interested in understanding how new age admirable brands were created from scratch, how did these brands achieve popularity and how entrepreneurs behind these brands identified million dollar ideas.  This book is published by CNBC TV 18 and has received praise from many renowned business leaders, investors and academicians. 

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