Decoding Future Of Media And Entertainment Business

Portfolio 2022 provided the platform for this panel discussion in an annual event that showcases students’ projects by Pearl Academy


The experts from the world of advertising, media, cinema and entertainment business took part in Pearl Academy’s Portfolio 2022 to decode the future of these industries in the metaverse during a panel discussion.

The panellists for this discussion were Sukesh Nayak- Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy; Aakash Bhatia - Director & Producer; Sagar Ballary - Director of Bheja Fry series, and film producer Vivek Agrawal. The session was moderated by Viveck Vaswani, Dean, School of Contemporary Media, Pearl Academy. 

Commenting on the role of technology in these industries, Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy said, "Technologies like Metaverse allow you to be braver in exploring different possibilities however stories and storytelling remain the key since there’ll not be any magic if the stories don’t mean anything."

"Content creators and artists in these industries cannot substitute storytelling with technology. You can dream bigger with technology, but it should not make you complacent," added film producer Vivek Agrawal.

On being asked, what should millennials who want to join these industries be taught, Director Sagar Ballary added, "Art is the medium supported by science or technology therefore a beautiful balance between the two is required. Technology should be used as a tool to correct the art and not actually create it. Besides technology, gravitas and patience are important to be able to work on the art."

"One thing that technology has allowed is for people to watch more content and has given them multiple viewing canvases.  However, the usability of technology is on us as anything that moves you forward can take you backwards too," opined Director and Producer, Aakash Bhatia. 

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