Dare To Overcome Unveils DTO-India 2023

Teamwork Arts will produce the latest edition of DTO taking place at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, on 4 October


Dare to Overcome India (DTO) is an event that emphasises the core values that business leaders must engender and espouse in order to create an inclusive, diverse and peaceful work environment. It is a global event for business leaders to come together and share best practices, moral virtues, and corporate values as allies belonging to differing cultures, who have to function cohesively in workplaces and market-places - with the one collective goal of building sustainable peace and prosperity. Teamwork Arts is producing DTO's next international event, along with awards for business leaders and companies advancing peace and allyship among diverse communities, which will take place in New Delhi, India, on 4 October 2023.

Brian Grim, Global Chairman, Dare to Overcome, India, said, “With India’s dynamic socio-economic rise on full display for the world during its G20 Presidency, I am thrilled that we can keep the positive momentum going with Dare to Overcome. At DTO India, we are showcasing how India’s rich diversity is a business asset, giving India a national and international competitive advantage.”

DTO-India 2023 will also be the first-ever international gathering of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) committed to fostering intercultural understanding in corporate workplaces, including representatives from MNCs Salesforce, PayPal, Equinix, American Airlines, etc. A call will be made for all companies to consider adding such ERGs to their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. DTO’s Unity in Diversity global gathering will be held at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi.

Sanjoy K Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts, said, "India exemplifies unity in diversity, boasting a vast workforce stemming from varied backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. Through our initiatives, we strive to build inclusive platforms that empower people to explore ideas uniquely. DTO India aims to celebrate this diversity in the Indian corporate arena, recognising it as our source of strength, where diverse talents come together to foster innovation and achieve success."

Dare to Overcome has previously hosted a series of global awards and events to advance this cause. It was first held in Rio de Janeiro (2016) with the support of Brazilian President Michel Temer, then in South Korea (2018) under UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s patronage, in Tokyo (2021) with former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s active support, and Washington DC (2022) with American Airlines, being the partner.

Syed Shams Jawaid, Producer, Dare to Overcome India, said, “We're excited to present the first annual Dare to Overcome Conference in India, dedicated to celebrating Unity in Diversity. The conference will delve into how India's abundant cultural and spiritual diversity serves as a significant business asset for the nation. Our mission is to foster great minds working together from various walks and beliefs of life in harmony by bringing together business pioneers and thought leaders, paving the path to a more inclusive and promising future.”

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