Covid 19-The Biggest Event Of All

Covid-19 has proved to be the biggest life-changing event of the century, it honed our skills of event management, even more.


A sense of relief - we can see people again, normal smiles, hugs and happiness. We can touch without fear, breathe and live life without angst and retrain our brain.

March 2020, A thriving industry came to shocking halt. Everything shut down literally over-night. No live events, thus no production, stage, sound, lights, décor, artists, co-ordinations or executions. Millions went jobless. People went into saving mode and started exploring ways which would help them survive and tide over this period. Some took this as a period to spend some family time and learn new skills. No one thought this would extend to this length and more.

Now, where are we? Struggling to survive not just financially but also physically and emotionally. Well, if we make it to the other side, then certainly some very significant learnings here for all of us. Biggest of all is gratitude that we are alive and appreciation of what we have. 

Covid-19 has proved to be the biggest life-changing event of the century. Honed our skills of event management, even more.  Its an event, that requires careful handling, compassion, sensitivity, planning, security, immense coordination and emergency execution. There is no scope for compromise or mis-management. This has become the biggest event of our lives.

Our Events industry, like many others, instantly worked towards modifying itself and embraced technology. Digital became the word. OTT platforms, digital and social media became the norm for survival. While most of us are eager to return to in-person events, the virtual component seems like it’s here to stay for some time. We have been speaking about this for more than a year now and still are where we started, but wiser for sure. 

Necessity is the mother of re-invention. Adapt to the new norms, masked and sanitized and then move ahead. In the current scenario, our industry has become the biggest support system for all seeking basic health amenities of Hospital beds, medicines and oxygen, Pan India. The collective coordination and execution is helping save many lives.

Working from home, everyone has realised the big truth: Family is the best medicine of all, an important support system!! The feeling of security having your old parent with you in your care and having your adult children home too, is unmatchable.

Once life returns to normal, we will all look beyond the normal pod. Be more open to changing ideas and view-points. More innovative and versatile. Let’s make events better, let’s make them bolder and let’s inspire the world that despite the challenges we are currently facing we are more energized than ever, more focused to glide through this tough period together.

Business will thrive if we are alive.

See you on the other side of the Covid pandemic………………………………………

So take care & stay safe!! See you soon In-Person!!!

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