Changing Role of Women in Marketing: Kamya Elawadhi

Marketing is one such function where women have made a mark and shown outstanding progress writes Kamya Elawadi, Vice President – Customer Success, Doceree.


‘Everyone is born equally capable but lacks equal opportunity’ - as this famous quote by Pierre Omidyar reflects, women may not have got equal opportunity always. Especially, in a ‘Man Men’ era where they were leading the organisations and were offering positions and hiring other men.

Role of women in organisations were either restricted to clerical roles or adding on screen appeal to the scripts written and directed by men. There was huge gap between men role models and women role models.

The persistent effort of progressive leaders who pushed the wheel by ensuring equal pays led to dominos effect to the cause and steered the wheel for positive change. We have seen the change coming in the attitude towards women in key roles gradually and now we have progressed to the level where against every 100 men promoted, we have 85 women leaders promoted too in senior leadership positions such has CEO, CMO and marketing heads.

Marketing is one such function where women have made a mark and shown outstanding progress. Globally, Karen walker at Intel Corporation, Linda Boff and GE, Julia Goldin at LEGO and in India Sonali Dhawan at P&G, Deepika Warrier at Diageo India, Jasneet Bachal at Yes Bank, Salini Gupta at Titan Eye Wear, Deepali Nair at IBM, Sukhleen Aneja at RB Hygiene are some industry veterans and remarkable women leaders who have shown exceptional skills and have been taking a leap in marketing for their respective organisations.

A Marketing Dive study suggests that women made up to 43% of chief marketing officers at the 100 advertising spenders which was 36% in 2018 and 28% in 2017. The reason behind this diversity in functions was either opportunities given by evolution of time or embracing women’s natural behaviour.

Micro Level changes in organisation

“If you want to go ahead in your business, promote women. “ - one of the famous Mckinsey studies stated. The change started at micro level where females started getting recognitions at workplaces for the efforts and opportunities to prove themselves over and over and advanced to leadership positions in organisation.

Internet of things

Internet gave opportunity to develop expertise in the area of interest and demonstrate it. Over the time, women have established themselves as industry thought leaders by becoming panellists, keynote speaker, jury, CEO, CMOs etc. Dedicated list of Forbes & Fortunes of the world show how women have been getting media attention for their work globally.

Empower each other

Women are bringing equal opportunities for other women employees. They have been lifting and empowering each other by giving opportunities, sharing limelight and working as power teams. There are organisations which have sizable women-only teams or women who are leading from front and taking organisations to different heights. The empowered women are powerful and strong beyond measure. Female associations and communities are building and imbibing this emotion strongly.

Leadership traits

Studies suggest that women exhibit leadership traits such as empathy, clarity, participative decision making and role modelling that are highly applicable to future challenges at global level. It is encouraging to see women on the path of success when it comes to diverse functions in organisations. The organisation which are yet to join the wagon to introduce diversity in their C-suite must mark the year of hope to action this much-needed change. The consequences of the option organisations choose today will reflect on progress for decades to come

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