Canon Marks New Chapter In Flagship ‘Adopt a Village’ Initiative; Adopts Nandrampur Bass In Haryana

Canon India has a total of four adopted villages which include Nandrampur Bass in Haryana, Parivali in Maharashtra, Annadodi in Karnataka, and Kalyanpur in Kolkata.


Canon India announced the adoption of Nandrampur Bass in Haryana, the latest addition to the villages under its ‘Adopt a Village’ initiative. This is the next strategic phase of the initiative’s journey through North India, as Canon successfully completed its 5-year association with Maheshwari Village. Following its adoption in 2018, Canon India’s dedicated efforts across 4Es- Education, Eye Care, Environment, and Empowerment, were successful in building a sustainable environment for the community members. A key highlight has been the recognition of the school in Maheshwari as the district’s Model School, benefiting over 1400 students through its facilities.

As part of the ‘Adopt a Village’ initiative launched in 2012, Canon has been undertaking the overall development of villages across India for a certain period. At present, Canon has a total of four adopted villages which include Nandrampur Bass in Haryana, Parivali in Maharashtra, Annadodi in Karnataka, and Kalyanpur in Kolkata. 

Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India visited Nandrampur Bass and connected with the community along with C Sukumaran, Senior Director, Product and Communication, Canon India, and Canon’s senior management. The leadership inaugurated the resource and vocational center and unveiled the new water station in collaboration with Eureka Forbes. They also added a vibrant touch to the celebrations by painting murals on the school’s classroom walls.

Speaking on the announcement, Yamazaki said “At Canon, the spirit of contributing to society has been an integral part of our culture. We are proud of the legacy that the ‘Adopt a Village’ initiative has built over the past decade, touching thousands of lives across the country at the grassroots level. One of the prime examples of this has been Maheshwari village, where the improvement in the quality of education has had a profound impact on the students alongside other remarkable developments that have created economic, social, and environmental ripples. It is heartening and gratifying to experience these firsthand every time we visit these villages and engage with the community. Their smiling face gives us further impetus to work on the next village with stronger grit and ambition.”

“We are delighted to embark on the next chapter in our initiative with the adoption of Nandrampur Bass Village and further establish a fruitful association with them.” he further added.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Sukumaran said, “Following the successful completion of our mission of making Maheshwari self-reliant, we are committed to building on the initiative’s success in Nandrampur Bass, starting with strengthening of infrastructural development including school and other facilities. With the robust groundwork in place, we will focus on maximizing the benefits that the residents of the village derive across our focus areas, for instance, optimal education for all students through materials in resource centers and the provision of e-learning. With active involvement of all stakeholders in all our initiatives, our ultimate goal is to empower and enable the local community to stand on their own in the coming years."

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