CC’s BHAF Event: The Key To Accelerated Business Growth, Yash Vasant Explains

The BHAF is the annual members’ day and the largest event for Corporate Connections in India


Yash Vasant is a globally recognised entrepreneur.  He is the National Director of Corporate Connections India and the Managing Director for the Vasant Group, with investments and holdings in Education, Trucking, Warehousing and Global Logistics. In conversation with BW Businessworld, Vasant discusses the idea and purpose behind forming the group, Corporate Connections (CC) which is the world’s premier business networking organisation. He also talks about the achievements and growth of elite corporates after CC. Below are edited excerpts from the interview. 

What is BHAF 2023 (Big Hairy Audacious Forum)? 

BHAF is the first-ever India National Convention for Corporate relations. The primary purpose behind the national convention is to let our elite business owners from across India actually come together and realise who else is part of the community. I think alone we are good, but together we are great. This realisation happens when we all meet and see each other and initiate the process of building relationships with the aim of adding value.

What are the primary goals of Corporate Connections? Why did you people feel that you must start a group like CC?

I sincerely believe that at a certain stage of growth as a business owner, our ecosystem, and the people that we surround ourselves with determine if we will go to the next level or not. We cannot get there alone and you need someone to push you, motivate you, and take you further. And we felt that at the highest level of business in India, we get stuck and we can't push ourselves over a certain boundary. Invisible boundary. And that's why we started Corporate Connections.

If an individual's business already exceeds 100 crores, what is the value proposition for them to become a member of CC? 

The same question can be asked if they have 100 crores in business already why do they need to go office daily and work hard? Everyone needs to push to go better and grow more, that’s why we push people in CC so that they can achieve more.

What are the key enables, according to you, to a relationship or collaboration? 

Three things are important; first is, out of sight, out of mind, and consistency. For example, in Corporate Connections, we have a fixed structure to meet a fixed number of times every year. Because everyone gets busy in their lives. If you're consistently meeting someone, your relationship becomes a lot stronger. 

More importantly, the second point is finding a common ground. In CC we can bond over something as small as a guitar or something as big as investing in the railway ministry in Canada. So, we find a common ground. 

The third one is a safe space. We are the world's most successful and India’s fastest growing network at this level. We are India's number one, why? Because Corporate Connections creates a safe space without judgement for people to ask things from each other and to learn and cooperate. 

What are the most important factors that entrepreneurs must have to succeed according to you?

Three things define a person's success. One is they introspect and realise what they want, two is they must be relentless, and they do not stop until they get it. And finally, they should take other people along on their journey.

What kind of problems are corporates facing these days? And what solutions does CC provide? 

There are three primary problems that going to become even greater, but some of them already exist. In terms of growing organisations, technology, HR and, globalisation are the major challenges. And the best way to tackle it is to be in a community where someone has already faced that problem. Peer to peer advisory is the greatest way to learn.

In India, we have 360 members and each one of them is from a different industry with a different place and background. We talk, interact, and share our lessons with each other, which helps us grow. 

Additionally, in Corporate Connections, we have built several master classes on negotiation, team building, storytelling, and speaking. And it really makes them better every day because I think we really should learn more to earn. 

What is the role of a leader in building a successful organisation? 

Anyone can sail a ship but only a leader can define the path. I believe, as a leader, our role is to not only set the vision but to chart out the optimal way to get to that particular goal, which keeps everyone in mind and then allows everyone to walk that path with you. That is a great tool. 

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