Business Heads Lead From The Front Beyond The Boardroom At Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022

The world's prestigious half marathon is scheduled for Sunday, 16th Oct 2022; Registrations open until 4th Oct 2022


The Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon will continue with its tradition of encouraging corporate leaders to take up the role of pacers and motivate their colleagues to lace up and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As pacers, they will fix a particular time to complete the distance and set the momentum for other participants to finish within it. With the 17th Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon less than a month away, five senior business heads have already committed to the role in the 21.0975km distance.

Clix Capital’s CFO Rashmi Mohanty, who runs the half marathon inside 2:20, is excited about being a pacer.

"It'll be absolutely wonderful to run with the people of Delhi again at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. I ran my 10th Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon in 2019. This is the most awaited half marathon, coming after a gap of two years. People from across India come to run this because it's the fastest half marathon in the country. A lot of people take part in this to record their personal bests,” she said.

 Sunil Chainani (BUS timing: 2:10), Management consultant & angel investor and former Board member of Fabindia, said pacing is a great way to encourage the team.

"Corporates should encourage more people to lead a healthy lifestyle through the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. Fit people make better employees, managers and leaders. Apart from good health, running instills discipline and focus and also develops a desire to learn and improve. It's good for corporates to encourage more and more people to take part in sport. And running is something anyone can take up anywhere,” he said.

Karandeep Singh (BUS timing: 1:55), Corporate Vice President, Max Life Insurance, spoke about the health club at his work place. “"We have a health club in office. We share our workouts on our WhatsApp group every morning. From the CEO to the junior most employee in the organization, everyone shares their workouts. And every person gets motivated by looking at the training regimen of other people. We also go for runs together once a month,” he said.

Director of an Organic Farms Company, Keshav Manik Thala (BUS timing: 1:35) spoke about his motivation to be a pacer."I have been running for the past 12 years and pacing over the last 5 years. This is the first time I will be pacing at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. As a pacer I look to help my co-runners achieve their goals and my best moment as a pacer came when I assisted seven runners achieve their personal best in a marathon,” he said.

Spaniard Alfredo Miranda (BUS timing: 1:40), Business Head, Transport Railways, Indra Sistemas India Pvt. Ltd, echoed Thala’s sentiment. "I have always enjoyed pushing and motivating participants as a pacer and seeing their smiles at the finish line. Some people go too fast in the beginning and then they don't have energy in the end. So as a pacer, I will look to help participants plan their run properly at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon,” he said.

Registration for all physical race categories — Half marathon, Open 10K, Great Delhi Run (5km), Senior Citizens’ Run (3km) and the Champions with Disability Run (3km) — will remain open until 11:59 PM on 4th October 2022 or until spots are filled, whichever is earlier.  Participants can register at

To encourage women’s participation, there are a limited number of running places reserved for those applicants who are unable to submit a timing certificate or do not fall within the timings mentioned on the event website. 

Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon Virtual Run: Participants from anywhere in the world will be able to experience the magic of the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon and run as one with the event via the exclusive Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon app. The virtual race categories are Half marathon, Open 10K and the Great Delhi Run (5 km). Registrations will stay open until 11:59 p.m. on October 11.

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