Blend Alive India In Concert For A Cause 'Generations' Celebrates Usha Uthup's Musical Journey & Padma Bhushan Honour

The concert took place on 23 March, 2024 at Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Open Air Courtyard, Bangalore


Blend Alive India's ‘Generations’ concert that took place on 23 March, 2024 at Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Open Air Courtyard, Bangalore stood as a beacon of musical celebration and social impact. It marked not only the triumphant return of India's music sensation, Usha Uthup but also a significant milestone in her career of 55 years of ruling the hearts and stages across the globe representing India wrapped in a sari & bindi.

Changing Lives Through Music

The Alive India in Concert for a Cause served a dual purpose: to entertain and to uplift. This concert aimed to garner awareness and support for the Alive India Music Foundation's Studio Residency Scholarship Charity Program, dedicated to changing lives through music.

This was Uthup’s first public concert in Bangalore, post being conferred the National Award Padma Bhushan which very few Indian musicians have received.

This Epic Alive India in Concert for Cause was themed 'Generations' as Uthup collaborated with four generations of singers and musicians on one stage for the first time. The concert was a sing-along concert and transported the attendees to the golden era of Indian pop bringing together the classic retros with that much-needed spice of pop and disco.

More than just entertainment, this concert was a movement towards uplifting the next generation of Indian musicians. Through initiatives like Musicians Social Responsibility (MSR), spearheaded by Supratiek Ghosh, the Music Man and lead singer of Bangalore's iconic band Aurko, this event promised to be a celebration of music, culture, and social impact. The aim was to empower young talents and provide them with sustainable career opportunities.

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