Be positive but stay real: Nanni Singh, Chief Executive, ShowCase Events

In the space of our industry of Events, we need to re-think, re-plan and re-model our functioning and processes writes Nanni Singh.


Innovate, Create, Collaborate, Initiate, Re-Invent, Virtual, Digital, and many more such words, are making headlines in the new dictionary of The New Normal. These four months of the lockdown have led to the shutdown of not just economic, but also emotional, physical, and, in many cases, personal spaces.

Sit back and look at your own self, has one ever had time to do that? Has one had the time to value the blessings that surround us? Has one had the time to understand and discover the real You?

Guess not! We have all been so absorbed leading our work lives, juggling various areas, and accomplishing challenges successfully. The journey has been and is exciting, there is no doubt, and to be successful in anything, one needs to give one’s 100 percent. There is no substitute to that.

Now, the Pandemic, a new global situation, a brand new global challenge. Let’s not discuss what all it has done to the different industries. It’s been spoken and written about a million times already. We need to move ahead. What's our next step?

Convert your downtime into uptime. Let the crisis refine you, not define you. Understand the REALITY of the situation, the limitations of this reality and carefully plan, strategize, and then execute.

POSITIVITY is the key to successful re-invention. Positive thoughts and reaffirmations neutralize negative thoughts, building confidence and helping to not only see reality in a different light but also devise solutions to issues that are sitting before us. Let's evaluate and develop skills we did not know we had. It will be interesting to see the advances in multiple sectors like health care, technology, Events and other aspects of life, that will occur during this period, that have never happened at the rate they now have and will.

In the space of our industry of Events, we need to re-think, re-plan and re-model our functioning and processes. Its Fight or Flight. There will be those who will run to the bunker and wait for the cloud to pass; But there will be those who will chose to innovate and identify new opportunities to define new ways of working.

It is all too easy to sit back and criticise situations and people. Don't fall into that trap. Let the bias for action lead you to making a difference. Follow the three powerful I’s: Improvise, Innovate, Initiate but: Be Positive and Stay Real.

Learn to value simple things in life. The true joy of life is found in everyday. The struggle to make ventilators available to the suffering at the beginning of the crisis and their high costs has made us understand the value of fresh air we breathe. Be in gratitude for the years that we have had free air to breathe and never valued it.

Value your life: Your Present and Your Now.

True Currency is not Money, but Life and Don’t check self-worth by net worth.

One message which has helped me a lot is Mr Shiv Khera’s immensely powerful Serenity Prayer and have made that mine as well. Problem is a Sign of Life. The day we don’t have a problem-we are dead. Here comes the power of positive thinking:

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change and Courage to change what I can and the Wisdom to think what I can and cannot.

Accept Graciously, not grudgingly.

So as a closing note, I feel, to make it work better, speak more with each other as a team, ideate more and get creative with how you can use technology to bring back some experiential elements. Live in the NOW and make this work. We’ll see when tomorrow comes!!

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