BSG's 'Say No To Plastic' Initiative Tackles Global Plastic Issue

India generated over 660,000 tons of plastic waste in 2019, just 60 per cent of it was recycled


India can effectively tackle the menace of plastic pollution only with the combined efforts of all segments of society, Sanjay Kumar, Director General, DMEO and head of Circular Economy Mission, Niti Aayog, said at the launch of NGO Bharat Soka Gakkai's (BSG) 'Say No to Plastic' Campaign.

“To combat the menace of plastic, individuals, industries and the government must work together. Reducing plastic use, recycling, and promoting sustainable alternatives are crucial steps.” He said.

BSG has launched a 'BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Collection Drive' as part of its 'Say No to Plastic' initiative. The initiative aims to combat plastic pollution by encouraging sustainable human behaviour and recycling.

Starting from October 3rd through 9th, BSG members in Delhi-NCR will contribute to the cause by depositing plastic waste at strategically designated hubs. From these hubs, recycling vans will collect the accumulated plastic waste and send it for proper recycling. 

Vishesh Gupta, Chairperson of BSG confirmed, “The campaign's goal is not only to heighten awareness but also to inspire and promote sustainable living, leading to a reduction in plastic consumption within our communities, which will then lead to reduced mass of waste entering our local landfills.”

'BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Collection Drive' targets to collect and recycle 25,000 kilograms of plastic waste this month. 

In 2019, India generated over 660,000 tons of plastic waste and just 60 per cent of it was recycled. According to government figures, nearly 43 per cent comprise packaging material, mostly single-use plastic.

Earlier this year, negotiators from around 170 nations, agreed to embark on a crucial journey of crafting a treaty aimed at curbing plastic pollution. 

Plastic waste worldwide is projected to almost triple by 2060, with around half ending up in landfills and less than one-fifth earmarked for recycling, according to a 2022 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report.

BSG’s launch event, held on 3rd October 2023, at the Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, New Delhi, featured speakers who emphasised the significance of local solutions in addressing the global challenge of plastic pollution. 

Shalini Goyal Bhalla, Founder and MD of, the International Council for Circular Economy (ICCE), highlighted India's potential to take a leading role in managing plastic pollution. She affirmed: “India can lead the way in managing plastic pollution through reverse supply chain mechanisms, innovative recycling methods, reducing single-use plastics, and fostering environmental education.”

Ramveer Tanwar, Environmentalist and widely recognised as the PondMan of India, lauded BSG's commitment, stating, “As someone deeply involved in water body restoration and landfill reforestation, I emphasise that plastic waste pollution is our planet's greatest threat. Community awareness is key to changing attitudes and adopting sustainability. Kudos to Bharat Soka Gakkai for their efforts. Say Earth is eager to collaborate in future endeavours.”

Dr. Ruby Makhija, Founder-Why Waste Wednesdays Foundation and Member, City Level Task Force for Plastic Waste Management, MCD advocated for sustainability. She emphasised, “Embrace change, foster sustainability. Our souls yearn for harmony with nature. With every choice, we shape our environment's destiny, redefining our relationship with plastics. Let's champion eco-alternatives and turn the tide on single-use plastic, one conscious step at a time.”

In addition to the discussions, a sustainability exhibition titled ‘Seeds of Hope & Action: Making the SDGs a Reality’ was showcased.

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