Asus launches interactive 3D experience to #LightUpLoC

Imagine millions of sky lanterns floating towards the India-Pakistan LoC, carrying the nation’s wishes and gratitude for its soldiers who are stationed there day and night. Wouldn’t that be the brightest Diwali ever?


Asus India has launched an interactive 3D experience (codenamed #LightUpLoC) to get India to do just that! Launched on the brand’s website, the mission of #LightUpLoC is to use the power of social media to light up the 724 KM stretch of the LoC with virtual sky lanterns by this Diwali i.e. 30th October.

Users can visit on desktop or mobile and log in to the platform with their Facebook credentials. The platform offers a surreal virtual setting where users can wish on virtual lanterns and launch them towards the LoC. The lanterns then float off into a meticulously detailed landscape, where lanterns launched by other users are progressing to their destination.

The website has been designed to depict the distance between Rajouri and Siachen on the LoC, so that users can follow the location of their lanterns. Users can also read messages on lanterns launched by others.

#LightUpLoC is about celebrating Diwali with the patriotic spirit that our soldiers have inspired through their bravery and sacrifices while defending the LoC. The mission will be complete when 7,24,000 lanterns have been lit and launched; one for every metre of the Line of Control.

Peter Chang, Region Head – South Asia & Country Manager for Asus India said, “We are grateful to the Indian Armed Forces for the innumerable sacrifices and hardships they face in order to keep the rest of the country safe. They ensure that everyone in India can live a peaceful and productive life. This platform aims to bring together all Indians and help them convey their feelings and regards to India’s heroes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.”

The idea of #LightUpLoC has emerged from Asus’s brand philosophy – ‘In Search of Incredible’. It aims to inspire patriotism and gives people a way to do something incredible with the feeling. The platform was conceptualized and created by the brand’s digital agency, BC Web Wise.

So far more than 3,86,000 lanterns have been launched by people after ASUS introduced #LightUpLoC.

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